NonStampCollector video: The Eye of the Python

Take that, Intelligent Design!

From NonStampCollector:

“Right! Stop that! It’s SILLY! Dear friends, if you’re not familiar with the timeless genius of Monty Python then this one might be a bit over your head. It’s an adaptation of the following classic sketch:

I got the idea for this from, unsurprisingly, reading Richard Dawkins’ The Greatest Show On Earth. Particularly the chapter which deals with the enormous amount of evidence pointing to life having NOT been designed by an intelligent agency, given all the incredible design flaws that can be seen throughout all of biology. The vertebrate eye is a very good example of this, for the reasons you can hear herein.

I usually like to give detailed references where I can, but the research for this one was just a wild goose-chase around the net picking up bits of info here and there, mainly from Wikipedia. So tough, you’ll have to take my word for it.

Yes, yes, its all a bit exaggerated. I am very grateful for my eyes and am in fact one of the lucky ones who cannot complain of any eye weakness of any kind.

ONLY MONTY PYTHON PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO DMCA ME ON THIS ONE. AND IF YOU DO, GUYS, CAN I GET THE COURT PAPERS AUTOGRAPHED?! I definitely wont put an ad on this one, its definitely NOT exclusively my own material!”

Mr. Rosewater Presents a Valentine’s Day song and a swift kick in the pants

Taylor Muse writes a blog called Mr. Rosewater Presents. You should read it. He’s an artist, musician and a fellow humanist. I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent reading his blog. I told him his blog “kicks ass” once.

In fact, you should go read this post and take a listen to the song he recorded and posted at the bottom. The song is really good. I enjoyed the vocals and instrumentation as it progressed through the song.

I can’t tell how often Taylor reads here, but he posted a comment last week, and he commented today that this article (the letter to the editor) is in fact a hoax. Thank you, Taylor, for pointing it out. I’m NOT in the business of purposefully promoting false information (the collective lot of Christian readers just rolled their eyes).

Posting the article and hearing it was false certainly got me thinking. I went ahead and put a disclaimer on the original post, and made an apology for it. If you missed it, I apologize for posting a hoax. 🙂

One thing that bothers me to no end are frequent forwarding folks. You know who I’m talking about. Everyone knows them. They are the people who forward you information which most often turns up on to be verifiably false. I personally have about five of those suckers. Tina, too. In fact, Tina had to admonish an aunt who forwarded the one about Michelle Obama and her frivolous spending habits while her husband was campaigning.

You can read about it here at snopes. The graphic on the right was included in the forward.

I don’t get these emails from liberals. What I get from liberals are things they’ve taken the time to personally verify or write themselves. From what I can tell, liberals tend to be thinkers. Conservatives tend to think less.

I get falsifiable forwards exclusively from conservatives. My skeptical friends will tell you that it indicates that if you fall for something like, say religious faith, you’ll likely fall for anything. I really wish this weren’t the truth. But from my experience, it seems to be true.

That’s not to say that liberals aren’t religious. It’s just that religious liberals tend to accept the theory of evolution and not take the bible as inerrant, but rather a book with wisdom from god.

Once in a while, something will slip through the cracks, like the letter to the editor in question on this blog.

But skeptics aren’t called skeptical for nothing. They seem less likely to forward irresponsible information without believing in, accepting or knowing the sources of the information.

My question to you is, do you know liberals who forward false information? How about conservatives? Do you think the information I post on this blog is patently untrue? Can you verify that information with corroborating evidence or is your only “proof” biblical passage? Have you ever tried searching for the truth using insider information or reading oppositional perspectives?

What are your levels of skepticism when it comes to verifying information and belief systems that you hold true? Have you ever snoped snopes?

Rate your skepticism from 1 to 10 — one being low and 10 being extreme. Divide that number by the square root of 3 and multiply by Pi.

Give us your results. I’m curious.

2.6 Deconversion: The End

I explain the end of my confident faith in God and the beginning of what became irreparable doubts about God’s existence, given the current lack of motivating evidence for believing in Him.

All excerpts used in this video are either copyright-free or covered under “fair use” in Title 17 § 107 of the USC.

“Deus” by Electric Skychurch

Child Preacher — with crazy rolling eyes — Delivers a Speech on Children’s Love of Martyrdom on Egyptian TV

The following are excerpts from a speech given by an Egyptian child preacher, Abd Al-Fattah Marwan, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on February 5, 2010, and from a TV children’s show, which aired on Al-Nas TV on June 15, 2006. –

Courtesy of MEMRI TV –