Jobless kid moves out of parents’ house into front-yard, four-room igloo, accomplishes more in past week than his entire life to date

Jimmy Grey said that he’d been out of work for almost a year, and needed a project to keep himself busy.

So with the heavy snowfall that America has experienced this winter, the 25-year-old labourer got to work on an extreme igloo in his family’s yard in Aquilla, about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

His four-room creation has 6-foot ceilings and an entertainment room. He powers the TV with an extension cord plugged into an outlet in the garage. He also ran wires for cable television with surround-sound stereo, enabling him and his friends to watch the Superbowl in his icy mansion.

Grey told The Plain Dealer newspaper that candles help to add ambiance for night time get-togethers with friends, and the freezing temperatures mean that the beer is always chilled.

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Space rock contains organic molecular feast

An article in the BBC says, “Space rock contains organic molecular feast.”

Although they are not a sign of life, such organic compounds are life’s building blocks, and are a sign of conditions in the early Solar System.

It is thought the Murchison meteorite could even be older than the Sun.

The results of the meteorite study are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“We are really excited. When I first studied it and saw the complexity I was so amazed,” said Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, lead researcher on the study from the Institute for Ecological Chemistry in Neuherberg, Germany.

“Having this information means you can tell what was happening during the birth of the Solar System,” Dr Schmitt-Kopplin told BBC News.

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Disbelief, creativity, and you

One of my many reasons for disbelief is how belief affected me creatively. When I was in the throughs of search, I resorted to hiding myself and my creativity. I lied to my family and friends. I told them, “Yeah, I’m still a believer. I’m reading ‘The God Delusion’ because I want to disprove it.” Then I’d roll my eyes and face palm.

All the while, only my closest friends might have known what I was going through regarding deconversion.

I’m not speaking for all believers, but for me, I put the lie in belief. I lied to believers for a long time, especially friends and family. I couldn’t stand to let them down. Belief is commonplace in the south. The Yeshua Fog is so thick that it creates an atmosphere of near impossibility to get out.

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Liberal & Moderate Christianity

I know my readers aren’t liberal to moderate Christians, but there is a lot of great information here for the Christian readers of this blog. Yes, it’s an atheist speaking, but he divulges a lot of information that is pertinent to believers. If you watch or listen nothing else today from Le Café, this you should check out.

ProfMTH is someone I admire, so if you are really serious about the debate between Christianity and non-belief, this is a great source to explore.