D’Souza vs Loftus Debate Audio Available Now, in other news, surprise! You’ve been GWB’d

For those of you who are interested, the audio for the D’Souza vs. Loftus debate is now online here. I’ve enjoyed the comments so far on Loftus’ blog “Debunking Christianity.” You can read the comments here. I particularly enjoyed this response.

Who knows if and when the video will become available. I wouldn’t watch it if it were.

My original assessment was that Loftus lost the debate. I was embarrassed to have invested time and money into his disappointing performance. It would be like going to see your favorite band live, and not only did they not play a song you liked, their instruments were all out of tune.

And when the fans all complained that the band sucked, the band blamed everyone and everything except themselves.

What a douchebaggy thing to do. I mean, fans can be forgiving if you give them a chance. I could have been forgiving if he would have acted like a responsible leader. Leadership doesn’t act like George W. Bush if he wanted to save any ounce of personal integrity or retain a decent amount of allegiance.

Instead of embracing his fans, Loftus pushed guys like me away. What a myope. After I saw that he called one of my new AAF friends “ignorant” for criticising Loftus, I thought I was mildly finished with a possibility of forgiveness. I mean, in “Dumb and Dumber” Jim Carrey had a one in a million chance, right?

But seeing Loftus respond to a kid’s blog and telling the poor chump that his blog doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, because its Alexa ratings are low, that’s really all I had to see to find out that Loftus is a lousy, run-of-the-mill asshole.

I mean, all that poor blogger wants to do is become the next Noam Chomsky and construct semi academic sentences with lofty syntax. What should old Loftus care? Leave the poor bugger alone.

If you’re taking me seriously right now, pinch your tuchas for me. Unless you’re my wife, you’re probably too far away for me honk your tonk myself.

You know, I decided to play for the atheist team because I saw quality within. For the most part, I find it here. There’s one thing for certain, Loftus is not quality.

Hey, Loftus, so you don’t need to look up my Alexa rating, I’ll spoil the well for you, it’s 136,561 in the US and a mind blowing 1,073,123 internationally.

3 thoughts on “D’Souza vs Loftus Debate Audio Available Now, in other news, surprise! You’ve been GWB’d

  1. I was very briefly following Loftus’ blog recently. To me, it’s his obviously inflated sense of self-importance that got me.

    The general rule of debates is that whatever side you cheer for, you typically think they win the debate, right? It seems that even all the atheists are calling the Loftus/D’souza debate a loss, and that’s so weird to me. He must have really sucked.

    So it goes.

  2. Well, it looks like he actually took some of my advice, which is good. Here’s how I ended my first long comment about his attitude on his blog:

    “I also understand that your perspective of the debate from the stage is quite different than from the audience, so maybe when you review the video when it comes up online, as seen from the audience, you’ll have a better understanding of where we’re coming from and learn how to improve for the future. And maybe then we’ll have future discussions on your blog instead about how awesome your debates are :)”

    And here’s what he said in a recent post:

    “My problem is I need to see it objectively for myself. If you have ever been in a debate then you’re thinking on your feet and cannot remember exactly what was said, and when it was said, to have a good judgment about it until you see it later, although people who say I lost are probably right.”

    I THINK he’s finally calming down a bit and just trying to figure out what he needs to do to improve for the future. But at this point, who knows?

  3. I’m not sure what to make of it myself. At this point I’m just giving up on criticism on his site until I can figure out what he finds acceptable or not. On the latest brainwashing thread he seemed to take another jab at people who complained about his use of the accusation in the debate, and though I had dropped it before, I tried another swing at clearing up what my real concern was.

    Both me and Kem ended up getting called the usual irrational and irrelevant imbeciles and told to move on, stop disparaging him, and still he threw in some baiting comments like he wanted me to argue more after telling me to drop it.

    I seriously don’t get it. I’ve been enjoying some of the other threads and convos with other folks there, so I’m not interested in getting banned. The Howell threads have been intriguing, for example. I’m just going to throw up the white flag for now and avoid any more confrontation with him over any of this stuff.

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