A video even I hesitate to post

I’ve been sitting on posting this video from “Thinking Atheist” for a little while. It’s good. But I don’t know that I agree with the creative choices of music and the essence of horror.

I know, what do I care? The message is good. I recently responded to a comment that the Koran doesn’t compare to the bible in terms of its portrayal of women. I’m going to post what I responded with below the fold. There’s a lot of overlapping verses with the video I’m posting.

Sooooo, here’s the video despite my hesitation. It’s not nearly as good as this one. It doesn’t even fall in the same ball park. But it’s worth a watch.

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Sunday Morning Fart Jokes

Tina and I went out for dinner today for first time in forever. We had a taste for Chinese, and damn it was good. But(t) man, we both became bronx cheering wind machines.

As we relaxed and watched some TV, the turd whistles died off. I flipped channels for the most part. We watched a little Olympics between commercials. We watched Cops (my secret obsession), and I watched a little bit of “Matrix Reloaded”. You know, the one with the Keymaker, the Merovingian, the Medusa-haired albinos and (oh la la) Monica Bellucci?

I liked the second Matrix best. The first movie I felt was geek philosophy 101 for dummies. And number two was the next level of geek philosophy.

After the brunt of the flatulence died down, Tina laid her head in my lap to fall asleep. That means one of us is in for a head rubbin’. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about this video I remember seeing way back in the day. It was fart sounds added to scenes from “The Matrix”.

Watch it:

And watching that reminded me of the funniest fart videos of all time, the “Farting Preacher” series. No matter how many times I watch these, I laugh my butt off. Farting preacher five happens to be my favorite. The rest are pretty good too.


Hey, it’s natural! Get over yourselves.