Ehrman-Licona Debate: Can Historians Prove Jesus Rose From The Dead

I’m working on taxes and some proposals today. I tend to put things on like debates in the background while I’m working.

Right now, I’m listening to this debate between Bart Ehrman, renowned author, professor and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Christian apologist and historian, Michael Licona. Can historians really prove Jesus rose from the dead?

Interestingly enough, the president of Montreat College, my alma mater, delivers the opening prayer. If you had any doubt about my background, watch the first 2 minutes of this debate and see for yourselves what kind of leadership I learned under.

If you’re serious about the debate between Christianity and atheism, this is a good debate to consider listening to.


Thanks Franklin from UIU AAF for the link.


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