This week’s theme has been “context”. Can you say, “context.”

In light of this week’s biblical passage quotes that I took out of context, I thought this video should clear everything up for us.

NonStampCollector presents:


I just noticed that NSC’s explanation info for the video is very long. I’ll re-print it below the fold: Continue reading “This week’s theme has been “context”. Can you say, “context.””

Climate Change on the defensive … it’s still happening … God is not to blame for snow storms

Lately NPR has been airing more stories on climate change. <– That link is for a story that ran Monday.

The consequences of global warming is in perfect harmony with the freakish snow that fell on the east coast recently.

Global warming is a process that happens in relative minutia, but science shows that global temperatures are rising. They have been rising for years. This is a fact.

People say, “Look at all the snow! How can it be global warming!”

First of all, it doesn’t have to be “cold” to snow. Living in Chicago, the winters are bitter. When it snows, everyone reaches for their flip flops, because there’s going to be a heat wave relative to the season. Typically it’s near teens, but snow means 30 degree weather.

Even with a minor understanding of weather, you know that warmer weather would cause warmer waters. Warm waters give rise to more evaporation. When more water is in the atmosphere, more water comes down. When it’s winter, water falls in the form of snow.

I can’t dumb it down any more than that.

A simple process of self education can inform any one of you to understand that the east coast got dumped on by a perfect storm, and it is easily explained by natural phenomena.

I realize that American Evangelical Christians believe that science is an enemy. But the science I learned for how water evaporates, forms clouds and falls like different kinds of precipitation, I learned that in fifth grade … at a mega-conservative Christian school.

The other week, NPR tackled a story about the storms on the east coast that blew in more snow than Santa gets all year long. I didn’t mark the story, and I can’t find a recording for it to post here. But soon after it aired, I saw that one of my regular reader Marianne wrote on her blog that, “God sends 2 snow/ice storms, back to back, to show what He thinks of the people in Washington, DC, Obamacare, global warming, and general politics. He shuts them all down!!! Priceless!

She also writes:

Back in the days of Pharaoh, YHVH God used 10 plagues to show His presence, and dissatisfaction with the government.

It appears He is doing the same thing again, except with new “plagues.”

He is certainly the author of variety.

As before, I do not think the Pharaohs in Washington will get the point.

Okay, let’s say god did send the storm to disrupt legislation. By this very rationale, that means god sends earthquakes and tsunamis to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Is this a stretch?

Marianne has impressed some of us over here at Le Café. I mean, she’s responded in fairness to a couple of my posts. She’s not always received well with everything she writes. But her perspective has for the most part been welcomed.

Also, she’s said that she has a more direct version of Christianity in line with god and less influenced by the faultiness of man. So she claims to have that working for her.

This post from her means Marianne’s Christianity is in line with Pat Robertson’s views. My level of respect was flushed down the toilet.

if a person thinks that god sent a winter storm in the dead of winter to disrupt legislation as a sort of “plague”, imagine the ignorance of science and politics. Legislation will not stop because of a winter storm. Snow melts. Imagine that.

The post above says that many may not recognize it as a plague, but Marianne has. She has a direct line with heaven. You know why people wouldn’t see it as a “plague”? Because it doesn’t compare to biblical-style plague. Plagues are out of the ordinary. Weather has been freakish for the past 10 years. For about a week in 2002 to 2003, I was stranded in North Carolina at my parents’ house with no power after one freak winter storm. Never in memory had that happened before. Power was never off for more than a couple hours.

Even at the time I was still within the throughs of considering belief, I was still going to church at least with my parents. Did anyone say anything about god at the helm of the storm? No. Weather among good evangelical Christians is not god induced.

Marianne’s Christianity is tribal. She probably has a backyard with a campfire pit that she goes out and dances around during the threat of a drought.

That kind of Christianity — the kind that ignores humanity for the sake of throwing in a jab for god — that is ugly.

Again I say, if a winter storm is all you’ve got for the power and majesty of god, your bar for greatness is set too low.

“Evolution, the Grand Experiment” Chapter 8: The Fossil Record record of fish

This is my review of chapter eight of Dr. Carl Warner’s book, “Evolution, the Grand Experiment.” The chapter is three pages long. My review is longer than his chapter. For this, I apologize

This is part of my book duel with a Christian named Mark Tetzlaff who claimed to have read and reviewed Richard Dawkins’ book “The Greatest Show on Earth,” only to admit that he lied; he only read parts of it and flipped through the rest. I challenged him to a book duel. I would read two books to his one. He recommended this book and Cornelius Van Til’s “Why I believe in God.”

Chapter eight on the road to spontaneous late-induced Microcephaly is about the absence of fish ancestors in the fossil record. Werner says that fossilized fish number in the mid half millions. Yet, Werner claims, there is NOT ONE fossil of a fish ancestor.

“According to many experts,” writes Werner, “each fish family appears suddenly in the fossil record.”

Werner explains that this is a difficulty for evolution and its proponents.

Werner says:

Scientists who support evolution give examples within a family that appear to be ancestors of each other. Scientists who oppose evolution point out that lining different types of fish within the same fish family in order to demonstrate evolution is presumptuous because you are lining up similar types of fish. They suggest that if evolution truly occurred, one should be able to witness the transformation from invertebrates to vertebrate fish. One should also see one fish family slowly changing into another.

The only footnote refers to the total amount of fossils collected is 500,000. Otherwise … not one footnote backs any other claim.

There is a graphic showing us this “proof”. See right.

The next page is a bunch of pictures of fish fossils, with the words, “500,000 fish in museums … The ancestors of each fish group are missing.”

And the final page is what appears to be an interview with Dr. John Long, Paleontologist and Head of Science at the Museum Victoria, Melbourne Australia.

Werner says, [Long] is a strong proponent of evolution and author of the book, “The Rise of Fishes: 500 Million Years of Evolution.”

I think you could probably read the iPhone picture I took pretty well (below left) if you’re interested in reading what Werner says are Long’s comments. I want to point out one thing before I end this review, because this is what Judge Jones in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover case was talking about to a T when he said that proponents of creationism lied to back their cause.

If I was ol’ Mark Tetzlaff, I’d perk my ears up for this one.

click to enlarge

You can see by the iPhone picture that the layout of the page is made to look like an interview. But if you’ll notice, there are footnotes (finally!) on this page. The footnotes pertain to two things; one connects with an interview Werner conducted with Long. The other footnote with Long’s book.

Maybe you don’t think that’s wrong.

Think about it. The page is laid out like an interview. There’s a question in bold type. There’s a response beneath it. There’s a sentence of Long’s response from his interview and then a sentence from his book. When you read a book, you can more easily take things out of context. I do it on this blog as evidence by my Isaiah 45:7 post.

A person can make anyone say anything with a book quote. When writing, people tend to compare and contrast using language to clarify their points.

Werner is exploiting this fact unapologetically. It’s dishonest.

Let me put it this way, the bold type looks like Werner’s questions or prompts. There is no way to tell if what follows the question is what Dr. Long intended as the answer. If Werner is inserting words from the book, those questions might not directly pertain to the questions asked. If I believed in a devil, this would be diabolical editing. Only the devil is Werner, and hell is this fucking poor excuse for a book.

Tetzlaff has been continuing with his dishonest view of Dawkins’ book over at the Pullman WA site. Go read them. See for yourselves.

Tetzlaff is a guy who supported Werner’s book as fair and honest depiction of evolution. He said Dawkins’ was the one misleading. Yet since chapter 1, Werner has done nothing but attempt to deceive his audience. When he uses footnotes, they are as remedial as a coloring book.

But we should all look forward to Chapter 9: The Fossil Record of Bats.