This may be the weirdest thing I have ever posted about, Where is zdenny?

Where the fuck is zdenny?

I admit, I check his blog from time to time. It’s a train wreck. It’s gone.

I recently got my first tweet from him. His twitter account is gone.

If it were one or the other, maybe I wouldn’t care. But it’s both. I just searched and his YouTube account is still open.

For those of you who don’t know, zdenny is a very active Christian evangelist, not just on this blog, but on many many blogs. He’s been banned from several, because his views are controversial.

At least for me, I welcome the controversy. His views fall on the opposite side of a spectrum that I don’t even remotely agree with. I’ve told him several times, his views validate mine. In response, he says the same of me. So there.

I don’t really know what else to say. If something is wrong, I’d hate to be the one to make a joke at his expense. Believe me, I’ve got a couple in my back pocket docket.

It’s only been a couple days. But it seems weird.

I don’t wish harm on anyone, so I hope this is just some misunderstanding.

12 thoughts on “This may be the weirdest thing I have ever posted about, Where is zdenny?

  1. Maybe it was the rapture. LOL. Justin from the Pullman WA site just posted a comment, so maybe not.

    FWIW, his facebook is still up.

    I’ll try not to lose sleep over it. 🙂

  2. Damn you got my hopes up there !! I thought he’d been (c)raptured !!

    or maybe he’s seen the light and given up the religious rubbish and become a raving freethinking intelligent atheist !

  3. I just raced over to facebook to see if I missed something.

    Or maybe it was recently your birthday.

    Regardless, don’t make another wish and blow out the candles quickly.

  4. Is he still gone? He used to comment on my blog. I kinda miss him. He was funny, though a bit sadistic and boorish at times. Oh, and the stories he wrote on his blog were hilarious! Where’d he go?

    1. zdenny is kind of gone.

      After he disappeared, I emailed his personal email address. He responded within 48 hours to tell me that he his ministry needed to be done in a different manner, and that it was important to not do his digital ministry any longer.

      Since he was never really good at understanding reality nor telling the truth, I assumed a much larger reason. This is entirely imaginative speculation, but I suspect he got himself into trouble with someone (maybe his wife or church or spending too much time in the devil’s playground where temptations of porn are vast), and the only way he knew to take care of it was to abruptly delete all connection with this problem.

      His response would have been welcomed if he left it at a minor explanation and said thanks for thinking of me. But he went from a short explanation to a verbose accusation of how atheists have ADHD. In my minimal experience with psychology, it meant something larger. From his email:

      “I discovered that many atheists have ADHD and their rejection of God is merely an extension of their inability to really trust anyone else. In fact, I found every atheist I spoke with had trust issues. I will admit that this finding was shocking to me and completely unexpected; however, it does make sense once I stepped back and analyzed the results. Since belief in God is almost universal, there had to be an explanation why atheists exist.

      I have also found that people with ADHD can also become radical followers of Jesus Christ. It just seems that people with ADHD go to the extremes in their commitment. It is a positive thing when the energy is funneled to the right things.

      My prayers are with you…”

      I say that he’s kind of gone, because I suspect he lurks from time to time. On May 2, he responded to two posts.

      This one and that one.

      My guess is his addiction to responding to atheist blogs is still there, and he sneaks onto

      1. I couldn’t finish that response for some reason. I was responding in a wordpress window that made it impossible to see my entire response. I hope it made sense and I couldn’t edit it properly.

        He accused atheists of ADHD before. That wasn’t new. But it was odd how he went from a kind response to a deliberate and insecure shakedown of how inferior atheists are (in his mind).

        Anyway, I hope that helps answer your question. I miss his responses too, because they were often funnier than anything. He pissed a lot of people off with his small-minded bible babble. But that kind of stuff added flavor to this blog.

        I don’t think people realize how much controversy is necessary to keep interest up.



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