TLC Reality Show Family The Duggars go to the Creation “Museum”

Today is going to be a little quiet. My subconjunctival hemorrhage and I have to record a voiceover at 2 p.m. and I’m shooting a cocktail event this evening.

PZ Myers posted the perfect distraction for me to repost here. He says,

The Duggars are that creepy family paraded about on The Learning Channel — the ones with the swarm of kids. It’s a horrifying show, but in this episode, the nightmare is compounded by the fact that they visit the Creation “Museum” and even get a personal guided tour from freakishly dead-eyed Ken Ham. Only watch it if you like to torment yourself.

I’ve been to the Creation “Museum”. It’s a shrine to ignorance. The best part about the museum is the garden area outside where you can escape the damning hellfire, and screaming inside the “museum.”

These videos might give you a little heartburn, but they’re worth a watch.

3 thoughts on “TLC Reality Show Family The Duggars go to the Creation “Museum”

  1. The husband probably just masturbates in his hand and throws it in the general direction of his wife to get her pregnant.


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