Life in Quarantine – Fully Sick Rapper

About this video:

I was eventually let out of hospital on the 2nd Jan, but then brought back in on the 18th Jan and diagnosed with a more serious form of TB… As a result, I have been back in quarantine since the 18th Jan, and all up now I have spent 55 days on the inside of a single room in hospital… This is starting to take it’s toll on my mental stability, and this song is about the impact (or lack thereof) it has had so far.

Via The Daily What

4 thoughts on “Life in Quarantine – Fully Sick Rapper

  1. I LOVE this man. I can’t imagine spending 55 days in quarantine. I was sorted of smiling until he got to the part about masticating…heheh – masturbation jokes make me giggle.

    1. Oh, biodork, do tell.

      What is this obsession with masturbation jokes?

      Don’t spare any details.

      We’re listening. 🙂

  2. Going a little nuts seems like a fairly decent coping mechanism. Reminds me of some of my dead end jobs in my youth along with days of isolation due to medical problems later in life. Sometimes you just have to be a little crazy to stay sane.

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