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  1. Shep is a shining light in a sea of darkness at that network. Outside of watching Fox ‘n’ Friends to see how I’m being blamed for the fall of American society today, or briefly checking in on the evening harbingers of liberal doom, catching an occasional episode of Beck’s Unintentional Comedy Hour in the afternoon… one might find a few hours where they actually mimic a “news” network. When Shep’s on for a couple of those hours the sometimes even appear to be a “good” one.

    Otherwise it a steaming pile of crap. Infotainment selling confirmation bias. Why MSNBC is trying to imitate that by slowly becoming MSDNC: Fox-Left! is beyond me. They aren’t there yet, but they seem to be well on their way. My only guess is there must be some good ad revenues in that niche market.

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