A Pullman reviews my review of Van Til’s “Why I believe in God”. In other news, there are 30 FUCKING PULLMAN WAs!!!

Justin over at the Pullman WAs reviewed my review of the Cornelius Van Til’s “Why I believe in God.” You should read it.

Since he took the time to clarify what a complete moron I am how I misunderstood Van Til’s argument, you should go see how he demonstrates an understanding of Van Til that will literally blow your socks off.

Not figuratively.

Your socks will surely hit the opposite wall from where you sit.

If I would have presented the words as if they came out of Justin’s own mouth, he would have still said I misunderstood Van Til. Interesting how the Pullmans continue to prove one thing: imbecility begets more imbecility.

My response stands: “Van Til’s arguments are piss poor and make no case to any non-believer and believers alike.”

By the way, Justin, you were wrong. I liked your review of my review. It was excellent … well, excellent for non-belief anyway.

I can finally find out what gift is appropriate to send for the second major validation of my views.

*** Update ***

I fully expect Justin to kvetch that I didn’t respond to his arguments directly. I’m quite certain he didn’t respond to mine. In this mindset, his review doesn’t warrant that kind of response.

If that’s the best they’ve got over there at the gospel messengers … if that’s the best arguments they have for god … if those are the best arguments against me, the bar is set too low.

Common Sense Atheism: Neil Tyson Debunks Nearly All Theology in 9 Minutes

I have posted this video before. But I think Luke says it best at his blog:

Okay, so obviously my title is not to be taken seriously, but here’s the point:

  • Arguments for the existence of God are almost exclusively arguments from ignorance. (Or, as they call them now, “arguments to the best explanation,” except that unlike scientists, theologians give no account of how God is the best explanation.)
  • Religious belief usually relies on personal experience instead of public evidence anyway, ignoring the fact that personal experience is extremely unreliable.
  • It’s definitely worth rewatching … with this in mind.