Jebus Crimanitly, I need some controversy around these parts

There’s a lot of shit going on. I’m pretty freaking busy.

When video editing, there’s a lot of wait time for rendering, which makes time for blogging.

But I am busy.

Hits are down. But the John Loftus stuff continues to get more hits than anything. I can’t believe it. My biggest search engine hits are from people googling “Fuck my female doctor” and “D’Souza vs Loftus debate”.

The female doctor thing stems from when I talked about seeing a female doctor and I must have used the word “fucking” in another context. You can read the entry. I didn’t write anything like that. I probably tagged it chockfull of risque language, because I was desperately reaching out into the blogosphere for hits.

I feel like a sellout, because I edited this piece of shit for a client recently and I’m not into this kind of editing. But sometimes you have to sell out to afford what you want.

There are elements I like about it, but all in all, this is the kind of video that gets on my nerves.

We have to stoke up the fire of controversy. Anybody have any ideas? The Pullman WAs are played out. The last thing I noticed they did was post a video that has a guy asking a genuinely great question, and the answer is the most convoluted reason to abandon religion all together. It’s like the guy answering wants to circumnavigate the globe with his answer, to confuse the questioner and his audience into thinking he answered the question. His answer embodies the rationale for disbelief. I’m not sure how that guy considers himself successful except for the fact that idiots are willing to shell out good money to see him perform speak.

Anti-gay senator comes out of closet, wastes half his life battling rights that he’ll now have to fight for

What a waste.

We all already knew this. The folks that are the most vocal gay haters are the likeliest to be gay themselves.

From the BBC:

A conservative US state senator who has voted against gay rights measures during his 14 years in office has confessed he is gay.

Republican Roy Ashburn came out during a radio interview in California, where he sits on the state legislature.

He has been on leave since his arrest last week on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Mr Ashburn said his votes reflected the way his constituents wanted him to vote, not his own “internal conflict”.

“I am gay… those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long,” the 55-year-old divorced father-of-four told KERN radio.

Mr Ashburn said he felt the need to address rumours that he had visited a gay nightclub before his arrest on suspicion of drinking and driving in Sacramento on 3 March.

Last year, Mr Ashburn opposed a bill to establish a day of recognition to honour murdered gay rights activist Harvey Milk.

He has also voted in the statehouse against efforts to expand anti-discrimination laws and recognise out-of-state gay marriages.

Mr Ashburn, who represents California’s 18th district, said he does not plan to run for any public office after his term ends later this year.

Christian Pro-lifer is anti-abortion … even for kitties. Murdering kitties? Not a problem!

This story (link), if true, is quite disturbing (emphasis mine). Morality is ours!

I work with the sweetest girl who, I thought, had a good head on her shoulders. Today I made a comment that I needed to get my kitteh fixed. She then told me that she had an appointment to get her cat fixed but she had to cancel. I naturally asked her why and she said that the cat had already gotten pregnant. I told her that they could still do the surgery and she said that she could not be part of any abortion.

OK. I can understand that. She has a stance on abortion, doesn’t surprise me as she is so nice and wouldn’t want to put the cat in danger. I then asked her what were they going to do with the kittens. She said,”I guess Tim will put them in a bag and take them to the river like he did last year.”


I almost choked. She is so brainwashed by her church and Christianity that it is OK to kill the kittens after they are born as long as she is not party to an abortion. I couldn’t speak. How can people be like this? She lives with a guy, not married, and they have a child but she will kill the kittens after they are born? GODDAMMIT.

EDIT: I am going to take the kittens. I cannot let kittens go to a watery grave. I could not live with my self. I will take the Mommy kitteh if I need to, y’all don’t worry.

[Via Reddit]

Dr. Gupta: Reduce your salt intake

I know about reducing salt intake from experience. After my doctor told me to get my blood pressure down last august, I have gone great lengths to eat fresh, cut out salt, cut down on alcohol and caffeine and exercise my ass off.

But salt apparently is worse than you think. There have been a few stories in the news and on shows like Dr. Oz. I don’t watch him, but I saw teasers for it. One of my favorite blogs, Science-Based Medicine also ran a story about salt a couple months ago that said it’s worse than you thought. Read that article here. Steve Novella explains that salt intake should be reduced even for people who don’t have high blood pressure.

I stumbled on another explanation from CNN’s Dr. Gupta recently, and you can read that one here. He explains some obvious ways to cut down on salt, including not putting a salt shaker on your dinner table, buying salt alternatives, and reducing frozen meal consumption. I learned that some of the frozen meals I was eating on a regular basis, some times twice a day, had almost 2000 mgs of salt in them. Between my diet rich in ramen noodles and frozen meals, it’s no wonder my blood pressure was through the roof.

I’ve personally had to learn to stop thinking I was indestructible because I’m pretty skinny for a white guy.

The best thing about the route I’ve taken is, I don’t kvetch about my diet. It takes time to prepare, but it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding, especially as an artist. I was telling a guy the other day about it. He has high blood pressure, but he doesn’t want to eat cardboard and carrots the rest of his life. I tried to explain how my diet is better now than it ever was. My preparation may not include salt, but the flavors are extraordinary. Seasoning with fresh herbs and spices is just as important as salting.

Think of eating as an art. Think of it like the French, who take pleasure in great tastes and flavors. Think of gastronomy as an investment in your future. What you do now, might affect you later. You owe it to yourself and the people who love you.

Bon appétit.