10 Things You Don’t know about Super Mario Bros. (okay, maybe you know a couple of them)

Here’s a 10 thing list (link), 10 Things you didn’t know about Super Mario Bros. I felt like I knew a couple of them. It’s pretty cool though.

The first one I may have known, but I thought was really interesting.

1. The graphics for the bushes and clouds are the same, with different colors

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Why is “douche” insulting?

Jude just asked at one of the comments why “douche” is considered bad. In French it’s the word for shower. It’s completely innocuous.

But when you consider the pain and torture we went through as families having family moments watching family movies on Sunday nights only to cut to commercial breaks to see these types of commercials … sooner or later douche becomes an insult to intelligence and disruptive to calm thoughts.

Seeing these commercials was like ten thousand balloons being deflated by ten thousand people squeezing the tips and making that awful squeaky noise in cacophonous unison.

Imagine sitting on the couch, holding your mom’s hand during that one scene in Pollyanna, cutting to commercial break and seeing and hearing this:

By the way, when I was taking French in high school, there was usually at least one snicker in the room during lessons on how to say, “I am going to take a shower.”

Trololo Sing Along

I’m hoping many of you will wake up, stumble to your computers, click on the bookmark for this blog and watch this video.

You’ll say to yourself, “I will not need coffee this morning. Thank you Jeremy.”

You’re welcome.