Greetings from my phone

My Internet service is changing today. The phone company said there would be no lapse in service. Wouldn’t you know that they were kidding. They wanted me to be disappointed.

I’m leaving this afternoon on Amtrak for Grand Rapids, MI. Yesterday over email with Steve P, I told him I was going because of my paternal grandmother’s 90th anniversary.

His response was, “wow, how the hell old is she?”

D’oh! It’s her birthday.

My brother and his daughter are coming up. My mom, dad and sister are too. Tina’s got some work tomorrow she needs to do. So I’m training there.

I’m kind of excited. I will take lots of photos.

Since I won’t be too available today, please throw in what you’re up to this weekend in the comments. If you see something religious, science, photography or humor related, drop it in there too.

You guys can be me today!