“Evolution, the Grand Experiment” Chapter 11, The Fossil Record of Flying Reptiles

Wouldn’t you know, there is no evidence of an ancestor for Pterosaurs?

Chapter 11 is only three pages long. There are probably 300 words total on all three pages. Get your crayons® out. There’s a lot of room to color in the margins.

There’s vast variation among the over 100 different species of flying dinosaurs. But there’s no predecessor, says Dr. Karl Werner. Archeology can only hope to discover an ancestor to these magnificent beasts.

Werner quotes a couple scientists who back the stance. The final quote is from Dr. Peter Wellnhofer, a paleontologist from Munich. It says,

“As for ancestors, the possible ancestors of pterosaurs, there are only theories, hypotheses of course. In fact it is a mystery which group of reptiles prior to the Triassic might have given rise to pterosaurs.”

Tad ah! Chapter 11.

Back from Grand Rapids

Everything went off well in Grand Rapids for my grandmother’s birthday. It’s a little weird to say “grandmother” as we call her “Opoe” (pronounced “O-pooh”). I’m not sure many dutch people call their grandmother’s opoe, but we do.

I had a great time with my family. Seeing everyone was great. I have some stories and thoughts that I’ll pass along. I have to play catchup this morning though.

If you haven’t been following PZ Myers’ experiences in Australia, you need to.

This video series Q&A featuring Richard Dawkins is a must watch (highly recommended for the Pullman WAs as there’s a part about “absolute morality” that stands out).

Otherwise, I hope your weekends were fine and dandy. The time change smacked me in the butt. How about you?