I spent some of my day with William Kentridge and Tim Burton

Not that I’m bragging or anything, but today Tina and I went to the Museum of Modern Art, and we saw the William Kentridge and Tim Burton exhibits. They were great. You should go buy a ticket for NYC and see them yourselves.

There was a William Kentridge film playing at the Museum of Contemporary Art the week of our wedding. But this was an entire exhibit of beautiful drawings and some of the most elaborate modern art I’ve ever seen. Most of it was start black & white. The thought and time that went into the layout of the exhibit was certainly something to think about.

His entire exhibit made me want to draw my pants off. I love being inspired like I was today.

The Tim Burton exhibit was packed. It was cool to see, but it was hot as hell inside. For Tina, it made her want to go rewatch all of his work. For me, I reveling in admiring his sketches which led to his major work. The sketches for “Beetlejuice” were some great art. It seems that Burton uses anything nearby to sketch his inspirations. One section looked like it was done exclusively in Crayon™.

When we left, there was a line of people queued around the entire block of the MoMA building. I turned to one of the people in line and asked, “What’s the line for?”

“MoMA” he said.

Damn, what wouldn’t I do to live in a city where all art is so important that people line that long to see it. In Chicago we’re used to concerts lining up around blocks, but not stuff like that. Oh well.

On the way back from MoMA, we passed a guy vomiting his brains out on some stairs. I wanted badly to take his picture. But I wussed out. How dumb is it to be so inspired by such great art, and then puss out of getting something so dramatic as someone laying his head sideways on a stair, barfing what looked a lot like vegetable soup.

I went back to grab a shot, but the guy had already sat back up. Shooting a guy sitting beside his own stomach lining rubbing his aching head didn’t seem like it would translate as well as a guy laying with his head on a stair for a pillow with gooey ooze coming out of his mouth.

We had sushi for dinner, and now I’m trying to get some rest before another big day tomorrow.

What was the coolest art exhibit you’ve ever seen? In the very least, what was the last art exhibit you saw?

10 things you may not know about your pets …

UPDATE: The other 7 can be found here.

Dogs can only see in black and white
Actually they see in colour, but not very well. They’re red-green colour blind, though they can easily distinguish blue.

Rabbits should eat plenty of carrots
Carrots are too high in sugar for rabbits to ingest on a regular basis, and they are better off eating the green tops. Bugs Bunny has a lot to answer for.

Your cat hates your baby and wants to kill it

There can’t be many people who still believe that cats deliberately suffocate babies by sucking the breath out of them, but in case you’re one of them, they don’t. That doesn’t mean a sleeping cat couldn’t accidentally suffocate a newborn baby (there are a few documented cases), so it makes sense to keep the cat out of the baby’s room for the first couple of months.

Photograph: Paul Kaye/Corbis

Via: Clusterflock

New York City hearts you

Last night I got home and my dogs were barkin’. I wanted to relax, but my client asked if I would put together a video of the first day to go out with an email blast. I agreed to do it. An extra buck is rarely something I want to turn down.

I had to process all the video files last night, which took about eight hours. The files that come from the camera are HUGE. So I have to basically dumb them down. Then I woke up early this morning. I was only supposed to do a 30 second video, but in my bleary eyed fatigue, I set the limit at 1 minute 15.

So I put together a video and had it to them 15 minutes later than requested. The marketing contact wasn’t happy with it. She said it wasn’t geared toward regular customers, it was geared toward sales. The thing was, all the footage we shot was of empty booths, because not many people come to the opening trade-only event.

I was really disappointed that the response was negative, but then all day long I’ve gotten emails and thanks from other people who think I did a great job given the circumstances.

Here’s the video. It’s spectacular, but it is what it is. If you have a youtube account, hook me up with a higher rating if you don’t mind. Someone seems to have given it a 1-star.

Tina and I are going to do sushi tonight. What are you having?