Le Café’s main search term right now is “shit”

Right now, I’m getting major hits off the search term “shit”.

It is unbelievable how many hits we’re getting per day from someone googling “shit” and clicking on a link for this blog.

I don’t get it.

Someone please explain it to me … preferably one of you people searching for “shit.”

If you don’t know what it is, please take a stab at an explanation. Creativity is much appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Le Café’s main search term right now is “shit”

  1. Well, I googled it and found no mention of this blog on the first three pages of results anyway. Mind you, that may change once the search engine discovers this blog entry 😛

    Explanations? Well, look at the first entry in the “Possible Related Posts” section above.

      1. It’s listed to the right in “top posts” because it’s getting a lot of hits, but I’m not sure how that widget works. It never seems to be accurate.

    1. I’m partial to cunt myself.

      Spoken, not written.

      It evokes images of kitties and puppies eating ice cream.

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