Coo coo. Coo coo. Coo coo. Signed sealed delivered … Swaggart Junior is going to hell.

And a deep voice from the back of the room says, “Amen, Café.”

This guy votes under the “washed in the blood” party. He calls political people “fools.” Do you want to know where this guy is going in the afterlife? What does Jesus say?

“Whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire” (Matt. 5:22).

Via Cynical-C

Unintelligent design

PZ Myers posted this video about Unintelligent Design. I thought I would pass it along, since many of my lurker readers seem to think Intelligent Design is a plausible scientific explanation.


After two days of production, I need a nap.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. The day was 9 to 7, which is a typical production day.

Today was 8:30 to 9:30. I started working at 7:30 to 8. I had to lay out some ads before leaving the house. And Since I’ve been home, I’ve laid out three ads and logged a few hours of footage on three computers.

I feel badly. I usually work with an assistant, and they would have taken at least one production photo. But this time there was no assistant, and there was no time for anything but business.

But after being in a building downtown all day, my lips are chapped and my body is aching. I’m hoping to get in bed some time soon.