I didn’t do “A” week, and this is how I’m thanked

I’ve had a busy week. I’m still busy. I worked a 14 hour day yesterday. I was in production this week. I’ve got three projects to edit. I have a campaign of advertising to  layout and I’m working on a 16-page brochure.

It was “A” week this week, which meant non-believers were to express their atheist pride by changing their profile photos to a big red “A”. I didn’t take part this year.

The religious stole pagan holidays for their own and now we’re trying to steal a religious holiday for a non-theistic celebration?

Stealing the thunder of the religious bothers me. This was a Jewish and Christian week of celebration. We bitch and moan that the religious stole Christmas and Easter from the pagans. Are we really going to fall for the same concept and make our non-faith out to be something the faithful have done for ions?

Come on. Let’s be a little original and celebrate another day. Let’s not confuse non-belief with something believers do.

Social Media is great, but you look ridiculous in that farmville T-shirt wearing a religious button on your love life hat.

I’ve changed my attitude about social media. I used to delete people with whom I didn’t agree. Last year, I put up a big red A.

Now I don’t delete anyone, and I practically friend anyone who will have me. This year, I didn’t do “A” week. It offended me when I thought more about it.

My place for expressing atheism is on this blog. If you’re reading here, you’re here by choice. If you’re on facebook, and I shove something in your face, I feel that it’s as socially inept as I find it is when it’s done in real life.

You know what I’m saying. Between Mandy Moore asking for a pail of feed for her Farmville piggies and Buster Keaton whining about his shitty love life, you’re not going to appreciate Lala Palooza saying, “Allah is Lord and savior of all of humanity.”

It’s jarring. It’s disrespectful. It’s borderline nutbags.

None of those updates mean anything. At least by definition, we’ve cheapened that which we respect most and littered the ground around with dirty diapers and empty boxes of junkfood. If you respect yourself, you wouldn’t be publicly playing those games. You wouldn’t publicly ridicule yourself with love life updates. To top it off, why would you disrespect the “God of the Universe” by tucking your praise for the “almighty” between two of the stupidest updates you’ve ever read.

When I’m out in public, unless the conversation goes into the casual direction of religion, I don’t talk about it. Why would you do it behind the security of your keyboard? I think many people are the same way. I’m torn about this. Especially today when there are social updates that praise the easter miracle.

I don’t have much of a problem with those religious updates today. I mean, I’m not going to go write some anti-easter diatribe underneath each one. I question whether or not these updates are peer pressured aspects of the Yeshua Fog. I question whether or not those people who update religiously actually understand what they mean in full. I question whether any number of them has actually studied deeper into the topic of a god rising from the dead. It was such a common occurrence in bronze and iron ages that it makes our social media updates appear smart, when they’re really desperate appeals to social acceptance.

But I was completely dumbstruck by one update this morning. It was this one (verb attribution is plural because it’s a shared account between husband and wife):

I feel sorry for this person. I feel shame and discouragement. I understand it. I really do. Had they written just the first sentence, I can easily read it and move on. It’s the way the rest of it was written that makes them look batshit crazy nuts. I was taught that Jesus was the ONLY way and that disbelief leads straight to hellfire. I get it.

But this update is why the religious feel persecuted. You can’t write something like that and not get kicked in the teeth. Go ahead, believe whatever. But when you say, “everything else leads to hell”, you deserve a disrespectful response. You should expect it, because it’s bone fide deranged.

You can’t be “neighborly” and “loving” and include this language in your vocabulary. It’s completely paradoxical to the concepts of love, forgiveness and hope. If god was truly love, hope and forgiveness, there wouldn’t be any of this “hell” language. It’s a ruse. It’s manufactured. It’s sad that anyone could heap the idea of “love” onto the pile of shit concept of “hell”.

Don’t they say cults generate a culture of fear? Wait, what’s the difference again?

People say that Christians practice “tough” love.


Christians say that the heavenly father must discipline his children and teach the one WAY.

Great go ahead. If it’s that great … If god’s love is that awesome and beautiful, there’s no need to confuse it with everything else being a lie. Saying all other information is a lie wreaks of guilt and fear.

Tina and I were standing in the kitchen talking about this earlier. We don’t get it. We don’t see how it makes life better to live under the pressure of eternal life or a all-loving invisibility. The love is now. The love and the non-love is inside everyone. Concentrate on the now, not the past.

I said, “I can see that when I post certain things on my blog, they are offensive.” I get that. I think being offensive is okay.

The line is drawn at certitude. The religious in this country are certain it’s one way or the highway. That’s sad. That creates deep rifts between cultures, between people. The above is not neighborly. It’s not loving. And frankly, it makes me sick. The above creates a culture of fear. That culture of fear causes other people to assimilate thoughts not out of love, but out of desperate fear.

After having traveled the world quite a bit, I don’t see how “one way” attitudes can persist. Xenophobia is the fastest route to religious certitude. Once you meet your neighbors and sit down at their table for a meal, telling them they’re hell bound takes a complete turn. I dare you to tell someone you like that they are hell bound who believes just as certainly in their religion as you do yours. You’ll change your religious indoctrination in a heartbeat. Either that or you should open that trapdoor to your heart and look inside, because it would mean it’s shriveled up and dead.

I’m not certain about my direction in life. Atheism isn’t about certainty; it’s about available information. I’m enthused by the information at hand. The information available points me in many directions.

At least I’m able to criticize my direction. Being a Christian, you can’t criticize any of it. You can’t openly criticize god or you’d be a heretic and an imbecile.

So Happy Easter everyone. Whatever you believe or don’t believe, do it as well as you can. Celebrate life and rebirth with your family. Look deeply at all of it and be open to changing your mind. It’s not as bad as you might think.