How much of my frustration can you take?

How much of frustration can I dish out and you take? Probably not much.

I’m about to clock out. I’ve been working since 7:30 a.m.

Of course it’s why there’s been zilch for updates around here.

I uploaded some pictures to Facebook today. I meant to do it a week ago. I did it while I was waiting for some video to render.

I’ll put a couple here for you to peek at. They were people shots from NYC.

Otherwise, you’ll have to go read Crystal’s love affair with my last post. I found it comical at best. It proved my point which I kind of reveled in when I read it earlier today. I mean, I really didn’t write it to piss another atheist off. But if it did, that’s great. I love when people think they’re too good to consider change. That’s when it becomes necessary.

Otherwise, enjoy the weather if it’s nice by you. Enjoy it for me. Unless your Steve, and then you’re freezing your balls off.

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