Review of Twilight Series that had me giggling

I have readers who love the “Twilight” series. I haven’t read any of the books, yet.

Although, if there were two kinds of people: ones who love the series and those who don’t get it … I fall in the “I don’t get it” slot. There aren’t a lot of Mormons writing hit books these days, so whoever that author is, Mormon god bless her.

That said, I laughed my ass off at this guy’s reviews. It might be the English accent. I wish I knew of more Internet videos like this:

Go listen to all the reviews here:

2 thoughts on “Review of Twilight Series that had me giggling

  1. This is fantastic.

    Since Stephanie Meyer is Mormon and gives a great deal of her proceeds to the church which then in turn supported Prop 8 and any other anti-gay marriage issues they can find, I refuse to see any of the movies or read the books. I’ll not support her or her hate-filled church in any way.

    I will however, laugh along with Alex.

  2. My eyes have been opened.

    I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of the author’s mormonism.

    The kid in the videos is clever, I tell you. I ended up telling Tina about the entire thing trying to make the same jokes instead of actually letting her read it herself.


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