The Hero can’t hero all the time … nor can the blogger blog …

I’m no hero. Not that I know of. I thought I was a blogger, until the last couple weeks took the wind out of my sails.

I’m freelance, and when it rains it pours. When it pours, you have to get your ass on deck and weather the storm. Lately, most days start at around 8 a.m. and end around 11 or midnight. I’m trying to take small breaks and I’ve cooked for Tina a few times. But for the most part, it’s nose to the grind.

Hopefully I’ll catch a break after this week. I’ve still got a few large deadlines.

A recent comment got me thinking about how the term “world view” needs to be retired.

You know why it bothers me? It reflects old-world thought. Remember when you learned that Galileo “discovered” heliocentrism and the Catholic Church dragged her feet and wouldn’t accept science for years? The church needed to be the center of the universe. What would be the point of god and his love for humanity if the earth weren’t the primary focus?

That’s what “world view” is. It’s a church term stuck in the past. It’s a geocentric perspective. There’s so much that science has discovered outside of this “world”. The folks who turn to that stupid term more than any other are religious. Universal view would be more accurate.

When you think of perspective limitedly, you restrict the mind to small boundaries.

So go ahead, religious folks, keep on using that term. It may be a newish term, but it sticks you in the past … by a few hundred years.

The other thing I don’t get about the comment and many comments that show up here is the need to show up on a stranger’s blog and attempt to convince them they’re wrong.

Take this comment recently for example. The guy strolls in the front door, sits down and begins to tell me how I’m the stupid one … that I should read the following books and think about things with a different “world view.” How about you come in, tell me how you’re convinced by your world view and see if I might agree with you.

How about assume that I’ve done my homework, and I didn’t come to this conclusion by way of whimsical coin toss. When you do that, assume, you’re the idiot every day of the week. How is it that the religious automatically assume that their little perspectives are the “right” way to think.

I know the answer to my own question.

Philosophically, the Christian perspective makes little sense. I think the Christian philosophy is poor at best. Go ahead, call me ignorant. I don’t care. I can call you ignorant too and we’ve gotten nowhere. When average joe religious people attempt to use philosophical language, they tend to just look fumbly bumbly.

The guy who made the comment said I should read William Lane Craig. I have heard nothing from Craig that impresses me. I carry immense disdain for his perspective, and he is haughty toward mine.

One thing I find weird is that I don’t seek out Christian blogs to post a convincing diatribe. Once in a while I’ll post something on someone else’s blog. But I rarely find myself trying to convince someone they’re wrong. I don’t think I can convince anyone their perspective is wrong. I believe the holy spirit does that.


Perspectives change when people willfully read and study the books that directly oppose their perspectives. I read opposing viewpoints, so it leaves me with discovering views that I lean toward more than another. It’s a very gray area.

Perspectives are also like language. Once you pass a certain age, it’s much harder to assimilate a new perspective. I struggle with it because I’m getting older, so I continuously question everything. In terms of thought life, I don’t like to settle down. It means you’ve decided to stop learning.

Religious people say a lot, “I’m glad for the new things god is teaching me.” I call bullshit. New things are inevitable. Perspectives change. Physiologically we change, and science shows how different ages produce different chemicals in the brain that view the world in different ways. It’s ridiculous to me to think that a higher power is causing the changes. It’s science.

When the religious say stuff about world view, they’ve settled. They’ve decided to commit, because it’s safer to them.

Those are my thoughts tonight. I’m writing while rendering. Rendering video can take oodles of time.

My joke for the night:

April showers bring may flowers. What do may flowers bring?

Bringin’ “Sexy” back …

Sometimes a video kicks me in the pants. This one definitely made me feel a lot less talented. Depressingly great work here:

From YouTube:

Brett Domino and Steven Peavis perform a medley of Justin Timberlake hits using assorted miniature instruments and lap tray travel bags (Trabasacks – for more info go to ).

The medley includes:
SEXYBACK (written by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Nate “Danja” Hills)
LIKE I LOVE YOU (written by Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, Terrence Thornton, Gene Thornton)
LOVESTONED (written by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Nate “Danja” Hills).

Performed on:
Stylophone Beatbox, iPod Touch (using DigiDrummer Lite), Kazoo, Thumb Piano, Shaker, Stylophone, Cowbell, Recorder, Ukulele, Theremin, Spoons, and Roland AX-Synth.

[Via The Daily What]