Russian president tells Stephanopoulos: Obama’s a good partner

Made you look.

The president of Russia did say that, but it’s out of context.

He also told  George Stephanopoulos that Barack Obama actually “thinks when he speaks,” unlike a certain other person that he doesn’t care to name for fear of offending.

I wonder of whom he speaks.

Why can’t all southern women be this awesome?

The Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta posted a little blurb about the passing of Designing Women actress Dixie Carter. You should go read it.

I’m quite sure I’ve met some great southern women, but I don’t know that I’ve met any with this much pizzazz. Yes, I’m aware that it’s a scripted show. But where there are scripted shows, there are fans who may have picked up on Carter’s greatness and tried to emulate it.

Here’s the YouTube video Mehta posted. The message and the performance are spectacular.