Breaking myself from work tonight to see a panel discussion

Tonight I’m going to go see a panel discussion at UIC. Title of the discussion is Morality to Change the World. I’m bringing my camera and I’m hoping to get some shots. Hemant Mehta is planning on being there. I hope you decide to show up too.

Here are the details:

A Communist, a Scientist, and A Priest Sat Down to Discuss…Morality to Change the World

With Sunsara Taylor, PZ Myers, and Bob Bossie, SCJ
Theodore Jennings, moderator

Friday, April 16, 2010
7:00-9:30 PM

University of Chicago
Reynolds Club
Hutchinson Commons
5706 S. University Avenue

Bob Bossie, SCJ, is a member of the international Catholic order of Priests of the Sacred Heart and a 30 year staff member of the 8th Day Center for Justice in Chicago , where he works on issues of peace, human rights, economic justice and non-violence. He has spoken and traveled widely (the Middle East, Latin America), and has been arrested and jailed on numerous occasions for engaging in non-violent resistance actions. As a founding member of Voices in the Wilderness, he traveled to Iraq with medical supplies in direct violation of US/UN sanctions against that country.

Theodore (Ted) Jennings is Professor of Biblical and Constructive Theology at the Chicago Theological Seminary. In addition to courses in New Testament and Theology he teaches courses in Queer theory, Marxist theory, and Deconstruction.

PZ Myers is an associate biology professor at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) and the author of the most-widely read science blog Pharyngula. PZ works with zebrafish in the field of evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), and also cultivates an interest in cephalopods. He is a public critic of intelligent design (ID) and of the creationist movement in general and is an activist in the creation-evolution controversy. PZ Myers is an outspoken atheist and vocal skeptic of all forms of religion, superstition, and pseudoscience.

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution Newspaper, a host of WBAI’s Equal Time for Free Thought, and sits on the Advisory Board of World Can’t Wait. She has written on the rise of theocracy, wars and repression in the U.S., led in building resistance to these crimes, and contributed to the movement for revolution to put an end to all this. She takes as her foundation the new synthesis on revolution and communism developed by Bob Avakian. You can find her impressive verbal battles with Bill O’Reilly and various political commentary on things from abortion to religion by searching “Sunsara Taylor” on youtube.

Co-sponsored by

Chicago Theological Seminary • Revolution Books • U of C Philosophy Club • Secular Student Alliance U of C

Retirement age became 65 … thanks Otto van Bismarck

Over at New Scientist, there’s an article about old age.

I seem to remember conversations with zdenny, the ultimate Christian freedom fighter, saying that Christians lived longer than atheists … based on no citation or definitive information … despite responses from the readers of this blog and every other blog he terrorized.

70-year-old Japanese monk

Japan appears to have the longest living population. And in case you don’t know diddly, Japan is not a Christian nation.

Not that it matters. Zdenny was off the charts crazy. He was so asylum-needed nuts, he closed down all his online accounts thanks to how well you all defeated his illogic … give yourselves a round of applause.

But back to the New Scientist article. Let me quote the article (emphasis mine):

“… Japanese people live longest: men can expect to reach 79 and women 86. It is also partly because the Japanese have almost given up having babies: the fertility rate is just 1.2 children per woman, far lower than the 2.1 needed to maintain a steady population. The rest of the world is following Japan’s example. In 19 countries, from Singapore to Iceland, people have a life expectancy of about 80 years. Of all the people in human history who ever reached the age of 65, half are alive now.”

That’s some interesting information. I take it the scientists in this article aren’t recognizing all those dudes in the bible that reached ripe old ages of 900 or so. What a shame.

To think, people for the most part haven’t reached ages of 65 until recently. That’s big information that would inspire things like, say, eh hmm … religions.

Sometimes I’ll watch movies or television, and I’ll see older men and women doing sports and activities that I was under the impression were culturally unacceptable. I thought when you reached a certain age, you should “act” like an old person. The media is tearing down those cultural perceptions, and making it possible to rethink those ideas.

I’m glad too. Because since I’ve been told that without god there’s no reason to be good or to live my life … I need something to live for.

Oh, and Otto Van Bad-boy-Bizzle … he came up with the retirement age of 65. How did he come up with such a thing … when deciding when war vets should get their pension, he determined it should be 65. Because 65 is when most war veterans were expected to die. Leave it up to a government official to be an asshole about money.

Women in Bikini’s reading “The Big Lebowski”

I’m a fan of cinema, and I’m a fan of ruining changing perceptions of things held sacred.

I’m not sure why I’ve been afflicted with these character traits.

Therefore, I feel compelled to post this video of women in bikini’s reading from “The Big Lebowski” script.

I’m sure there’s some dude out there right now thinking to himself, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

By the way, this is not safe for work.

Church sex scandal is only 2000 years old … it’s really no big deal

The pope says these church scandals lately aren’t that big of a deal. He said that they would have to repent, which means they have to look at what they did with shame. Wow, what a punishment. He says the sins of the men in the church reflect current cultural issues. That’s not what this video says. If it’s correct, the pope is liar … and he’s technically the leader of the Christian scene … he is, by definition, the leader of the church that’s reigned supreme the longest. If you’re a Christian, he’s on your team.

abchungrybeast — April 15, 2010 — Contrary to Pope Benedict’s assertion that the immorality of modern society is to blame for sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, the church’s own historical documents reveal that sexual abuse has been a problem that the Catholic Church has failed to properly deal with since its earliest days. The Church’s first official document referring to the problem of sexual abusing children was in the year 60 AD. All of the documents referred to in this piece are real and have been fact checked.