Morality to Change the World Panel

As mentioned in the previous post, I went to the “Morality to Change the World” panel event tonight at the UOC. I said “UIC” in the previous post. Boy was I wrong.

I’m still collecting my thoughts about the evening. It was relatively uneventful. The panel was a religious person, an atheist and a communist. But there was very little disagreement. The most disagreement came between Bob Bossie — representing faith — and the communist, Sunsara Taylor. You may have seen Taylor on The O’Reilly Factor. PZ Myers was the most non-controversial person on the panel … or so it seemed.

All those things together made for a very quiet exchange between the panel.

Should all people of faith resemble Bossie and his “faith”, I would think there wouldn’t be a conflict between any one. He accepts science. He respects all other faiths and perspectives. And by respect, he gives them credit where credit is due. He’s not confrontational. But damn, the guy is pretty smart. He rambled a little and he seemed a little ditzy at times. But all in all, I prefer his religiosity to almost any religious person I’ve ever met.

Bossie sees god in everything. He can go to a mosque and see the resemblance of allah in his own god, then wonder why he’s not a muslim instead of a Christian. He portrayed a religiosity that is truthful. It avoided any beguiling nature that seems prevalent among most religious.

A lot of the Q&A focused on Taylor. I could care less about her. She talked too much. She talked too loudly. She used more words to make a point than were necessary to make that point. Once her responses became repetative, I yawned. She talked about Bob Avakian like he was Jesus. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when people claim they are atheist, but yet have a god figure in their vocabulary.

These are my preliminary thoughts on the evening. I hope to expand a little more in the next couple days.

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