Another one of those videos from the New Left Media.

I genuinely dig this guy and his crew. The Tea Partiers are an interesting mob. So what if this guy shows only a select few ignorant people. It’s entertaining.

The clichéd FOX news talking points are nauseating.

I’ve said it before: I echo those who question where these people were during the last administration.

And as for taxes and Obama’s efforts there, that really pisses me off. Tina and I are getting back five figures from the Feds in tax returns. That’s not a typo. I haven’t had a tax return since I started my business back in 2002. In fact, I have had to pay thousands. So fuck all those assholes who think Obama’s not giving any tax relief to people.

Enjoy this video and tell me what you think.

“Hello, how do we know that Islam is the right religion?”

Regular-reader Jude hooked me up with this article detailing a call center for Muslims to have their questions answered about their fatwās and their religion.

The call center receives up to 1500 questions a day. How about that!

This seems like a joke. If it’s not, how is Islam not as splintered as Christianity? If you called a Christian phone center, there’d be a thousand different answers to legal questions regarding what the Christian religion’s stand is on, say, marriage, abortion, birth control, praying before meals, etc.

You’d think it was a clear cut information center or that Muslim culture would be able to train its constituents right.

From the article:

All fatwas (religious rulings, or legal opinions based on the Quran) in the UAE are issued by the Islamic Affairs Authority, so the call service, also run by the Islamic Affairs Authority, was set up to standardise the advice given in the country, ensuring that the UAE follows a “moderate, middle way” of Islam without individual scholars issuing contradictory or even extremist rulings.

If there were a call center in the US for Christianity, the center would be overrun with prank calls. Maybe this call center is overrun too. You should call and let me know.