Hitchens vs. D’Souza Debate

I’m listening to this one now. Why don’t you join me?

[Via Atheist Media]


At minute 31:00, D’Souza’s demonstration of abiogenesis is foolishness. A cell as we know it did not emerge from a warm brook and a lightening bolt. I find it appalling that D’Souza would try this on a campus such as Notre Dame.

Minute 40:00 to 45:00: Hitchens kicks D’Souza’s ass across the campus.

Minute 1:00:00, D’Souza is made to look as the pathetic creep that he really is.

Minute 1:18:45, reminded why John Loftus’ performance was so lousy at his pathetic debate attempt against D’Souza.

Minute 1:39:00, D’Souza concedes that both sides are grappling for the answers. I appreciate this, but he seems too vulnerable compared to his opening. He was so sure at the beginning, but he seems so indifferent at the end. As if to say, “Nobody knows, so go with my way ‘cuz it’s better. Now let’s go get a beer.”

Minute 1:44:00, Hitchens take on Pascal’s wager is a great one. His views on morality, important.