Kottke kicks you in the pants for not investing in Apple stock

Über awesome blogger Jason Kottke says:

In 2001, a PowerBook G4 would have set you back $3500. Suppose instead that you had purchased $3500 in Apple stock instead of the computer…that stock would now be worth about $110,000. Even an original iPod’s worth in AAPL ($399) would be worth almost $12,000 today.

What a lame ass. I’m glad I bought a PowerBook G4 in 2002 to avoid the buyer’s remorse of not buying stock in 2001.

If you want to cry with me, I’ll meet you at the bar.

Marine life census not nearly as controversial as American census

From Science Daily, there’s an article discussing the vast sea life and science’s effort to categorize and account for even the most miniscule animals. From the article:

With respect to abundance, scientists in the 1950s estimated about 100,000 microbial cells inhabit 1 liter of seawater. That was off by orders of magnitude. More likely estimates are now more than 1 billion microorganisms in a liter of seawater or a gram of seabed mud.

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Attempts at Rational Behavior Repost

I loved this post from Julie at AARB so much that I feel it needs to be reposted over here.

Let Julie explain:

In searching for the next week’s blog fodder I came across a lot of people talking aboutGlenn Beck having been select to deliver Liberty University’s commencement speech this year. There were the usual liberal anti-Beck sentiments, most of which were funny, but surprisingly there were many alumni and other concerned Christians who were not  at all happy about this. Some took issue with Beck being a Mormon, not a Baptist, but many others were distressed that the university has selected someone who, in their opinion, does not represent the true teachings of Christ. Interesting.

If you were within a quarter mile of my house during the last 10 minutes … you’d hear me laughing my butt off

This is one of NonStampCollector’s best. I invite all of you to look up the verses in question. It may take awhile, so pop some corn and get comfy.

BTW, I have had umpteen conversations with umpteen Christians, and not one has given a reasonable answer for why or how they can say with a straight face, “There are no contradictions in the bible.”

Below the fold, you’ll find the thoughts of NonStampCollector and his rational for creating this cartoon:

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Excellent point

I stumbled upon this facebook screen cap a few days ago and it struck me.

A lot of the response is pretty cliché. Non-theists pick on the egregious elements of the Christian story as often as possible.

While I don’t necessarily agree that you should take a believer’s nose and jam it down into a statement like this, I do think it’s important that the believer doesn’t get carte blanche to ridicule other ideas, religions or stories based on the one he/she believes in.

I found this hypocritical growing up. The leadership around me made a great effort to point out how stupid other ideas were, and there was always a voice in my mind wanting to say, “Wait a minute, what about the story we believe in?”

I know I brought it up, but it was hushed. Somehow the Christian story stood up to insider scrutiny. I never got it.

Surely I wasn’t the only one. Surely the people doing the shushing must wonder about the legitimacy of their censorship. Right?