Excellent point

I stumbled upon this facebook screen cap a few days ago and it struck me.

A lot of the response is pretty cliché. Non-theists pick on the egregious elements of the Christian story as often as possible.

While I don’t necessarily agree that you should take a believer’s nose and jam it down into a statement like this, I do think it’s important that the believer doesn’t get carte blanche to ridicule other ideas, religions or stories based on the one he/she believes in.

I found this hypocritical growing up. The leadership around me made a great effort to point out how stupid other ideas were, and there was always a voice in my mind wanting to say, “Wait a minute, what about the story we believe in?”

I know I brought it up, but it was hushed. Somehow the Christian story stood up to insider scrutiny. I never got it.

Surely I wasn’t the only one. Surely the people doing the shushing must wonder about the legitimacy of their censorship. Right?

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