How to fry a Snickers bar, the more drinks you’ve had … the greater the chance of fire

I thought this was helpful information on how to fry a snickers bar.

1. Place the Snickers bar in the freezer until it is hard so the candy bar does not melt when it is fried. This step is optional because the candy bar will be delicious either way. However, an unfrozen Snickers Bar will be stickier and messier.

2. The safest way to fry a Snickers is in a deep fryer. Don’t panic if you don’t have one because you can also use a deep pot with a glass lid. Preheat peanut or vegetable oil to 375 degrees.

3. Prepare batter to coat the Snickers bar. You can use funnel cake batter, cake batter or pancake batter. Take the Snickers out of the freezer and completely cover it in the batter.

4. Use tongs to place the Snickers into the deep fryer or deep pot with the heated oil. When it’s golden brown, remove it from the hot oil using the tongs. The total frying time should be about three minutes, but keep an eye to determine when it is ready.

5. Let the fried snack cool for a few minutes because the inside will be hot and you could burn your mouth. You can top it with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, caramel or any other sweet treat.

On a side note, deep frying any type of food puts you at serious risk for starting a fire. If you are making fried Snickers bars late at night after a few frosty beverages, your chances increase by quite a bit. Be a good Boy Scout (or Girl Scout) and be prepared. Never put water on a grease fire, but instead put it out with a glass lid or baking soda.

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