“Homos are a threat to national security”

Preacher JK of Bema Ministries, left, shouts and points at UF senior Scott Paterson, right, as Paterson sticks up his middle finger at JK. The preacher, who travels the country to universities and major public events, was carrying a sign proclaiming “Homo sex is a threat to national security.” Among those crowding around JK was UF freshman Brett Passa, center, who carried a sign making fun of JK, in Turlington Plaza Wednesday afternoon.


Radio carbon dating, Noah’s Ark and You


Hello all of you diligent searchers for information regarding Noah’s Ark. You have arrived here likely because you searched for the words, “Noah’s Ark Found,” or something similar.

The blog post below details a round about way of saying, “The Noah’s Ark will never be found, because Noah didn’t exist. There is no evidence of a worldwide flood, and the impossibility factor of every animal and insect crawling, walking, slithering its way to the ark is completely through the roof.

Noah’s ark will never be found, because it didn’t happen.

Don’t you feel better now?

Below is the original post that brought you to this blog today.




Not that he was the only person to expose the hypocrisy regarding the recent Noah’s Ark discovery and the radio carbon dating “proof”, but Tim Cooley was definitely one of the first people I noticed who picked up on it.

You see, one of the reasons Noah’s ark discovery has been given any legs is those who found it aged it with carbon dating to 4,800 years ago … falling in line with biblical dating and young earth creationism.

Cooley wrote this post, saying, “Creationists believe in carbon dating too.” And he pointed out what a bunch of hypocrites they’re being, because they frequently lambast carbon dating.

During my Christian upbringing, I was taught to “expose” the weaknesses of carbon dating, too. American Christian culture is so anti-science, they think everything in science is bogus.

To put this into perspective, my ignorance of science embarrassed me at a conservative Christian college. I was poorly served by classes I took in middle school and high school. It’s something I resent, but I have had to let go. I have to let it go, but of course it’s going to bother me.

Remember the veritable retards dimwits over at Pullman WAs when I challenged Mark Tetzlaff to read the entirety of Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which Tetzlaff never read; He “looked through the whole book and read parts” (his words). He simply read the chapter titles and responded with stock Christian claptrap. Funny how smart he thought he looked … to himself.

In exchange for Tetzlaff reading one book, I asked Tetzlaff to recommend two books to me. Tetzlaff recommended one book called “Evolution, The Grand Experiment,” which turned out to be a coloring book for Christian parents to impose on their children to keep them ignorant and far from successful at academic pursuits.

The problem is that Tetzlaff — while reading “The Greatest Show” — had  fallen for the very propaganda that I was taught during my Christian upbringing — all while accusing me of falling for propaganda of my … my own discovery long after I had been “conditioned” with the same mumbo jumbo that he had.

He acted so brainwashed that he said (in this post), “All dating methods are based upon assumptions. Therefore, they are open to gross error because we weren’t keeping records thousands or millions of years ago. These assumptions are just guesses and thus we need something more reliable than these dating methods if we are to know how old the universe is.”

Tetzlaff represents most Christians who think carbon dating is bunk … until it works for their purposes.

I included Tetzlaff’s entire quote, because he said that they weren’t keeping other records millions of years ago. He might say, or boy wonder Justin might say, “But we brought up ‘millions of years’ … the bible was written only a few thousand years ago, therefore it coincides with the literal word of god.”

To which I must remind them, there were no contemporary writers documenting Noah’s ark. It was an oral history put on animal skins much later. Noah didn’t write his story. Supposedly Moses wrote it, but that’s up for grabs based on scholarly work. Go read Genesis and see how long it takes you to get to Moses. Moses wrote stories generations after, long after the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians … after the Egyptians had built a GREAT empire. Surely it was a thousand years (bible time) after Noah and god destroyed all of humanity.

I can’t write about yesterday without embellishment or screwing something up, let alone what I did on Tuesday morning of last week. How were people, who were way more ignorant than they are now, writing in languages most people don’t understand, expected to be understood today?

No one who has played the game of “telephone” disagrees that this is a problem for the story of Noah, or almost all of the bible … well except for believers … who must take everything on faith despite every ounce of information that’s been documented since then. Take these verses for example:

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” Hebrews 11: 6-7.

Believers are taught through culture and scripture to believe without evidence. Faith is not only a precept but a standard. Without it, the foundation crumbles.

God, who cannot be seen, heard or understood, is not pleased unless you have faith in that which you can’t see. This is what’s frustrating for people like me. You have this supposedly amazing lord of the universe who expects you to spend all your years “knowing” he’s there without any thing greater than faith.

I say, great, have faith. But please don’t reach into disciplines of knowledge that use evidence as a basis. Don’t impose faith on science. Keep faith faith and science science. Otherwise, I can’t help but think you’re as ignorant as I was imposing the bullshit I learned in high school on the science I learned in college and after.

Believe me, you’re not helping your cause.

As for the Noah’s ark discovery, it is most certainly a hoax. It seems that anything religious in nature is hoax ridden these days.