Radio carbon dating, Noah’s Ark and You


Hello all of you diligent searchers for information regarding Noah’s Ark. You have arrived here likely because you searched for the words, “Noah’s Ark Found,” or something similar.

The blog post below details a round about way of saying, “The Noah’s Ark will never be found, because Noah didn’t exist. There is no evidence of a worldwide flood, and the impossibility factor of every animal and insect crawling, walking, slithering its way to the ark is completely through the roof.

Noah’s ark will never be found, because it didn’t happen.

Don’t you feel better now?

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Not that he was the only person to expose the hypocrisy regarding the recent Noah’s Ark discovery and the radio carbon dating “proof”, but Tim Cooley was definitely one of the first people I noticed who picked up on it.

You see, one of the reasons Noah’s ark discovery has been given any legs is those who found it aged it with carbon dating to 4,800 years ago … falling in line with biblical dating and young earth creationism.

Cooley wrote this post, saying, “Creationists believe in carbon dating too.” And he pointed out what a bunch of hypocrites they’re being, because they frequently lambast carbon dating.

During my Christian upbringing, I was taught to “expose” the weaknesses of carbon dating, too. American Christian culture is so anti-science, they think everything in science is bogus.

To put this into perspective, my ignorance of science embarrassed me at a conservative Christian college. I was poorly served by classes I took in middle school and high school. It’s something I resent, but I have had to let go. I have to let it go, but of course it’s going to bother me.

Remember the veritable retards dimwits over at Pullman WAs when I challenged Mark Tetzlaff to read the entirety of Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which Tetzlaff never read; He “looked through the whole book and read parts” (his words). He simply read the chapter titles and responded with stock Christian claptrap. Funny how smart he thought he looked … to himself.

In exchange for Tetzlaff reading one book, I asked Tetzlaff to recommend two books to me. Tetzlaff recommended one book called “Evolution, The Grand Experiment,” which turned out to be a coloring book for Christian parents to impose on their children to keep them ignorant and far from successful at academic pursuits.

The problem is that Tetzlaff — while reading “The Greatest Show” — had  fallen for the very propaganda that I was taught during my Christian upbringing — all while accusing me of falling for propaganda of my … my own discovery long after I had been “conditioned” with the same mumbo jumbo that he had.

He acted so brainwashed that he said (in this post), “All dating methods are based upon assumptions. Therefore, they are open to gross error because we weren’t keeping records thousands or millions of years ago. These assumptions are just guesses and thus we need something more reliable than these dating methods if we are to know how old the universe is.”

Tetzlaff represents most Christians who think carbon dating is bunk … until it works for their purposes.

I included Tetzlaff’s entire quote, because he said that they weren’t keeping other records millions of years ago. He might say, or boy wonder Justin might say, “But we brought up ‘millions of years’ … the bible was written only a few thousand years ago, therefore it coincides with the literal word of god.”

To which I must remind them, there were no contemporary writers documenting Noah’s ark. It was an oral history put on animal skins much later. Noah didn’t write his story. Supposedly Moses wrote it, but that’s up for grabs based on scholarly work. Go read Genesis and see how long it takes you to get to Moses. Moses wrote stories generations after, long after the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians … after the Egyptians had built a GREAT empire. Surely it was a thousand years (bible time) after Noah and god destroyed all of humanity.

I can’t write about yesterday without embellishment or screwing something up, let alone what I did on Tuesday morning of last week. How were people, who were way more ignorant than they are now, writing in languages most people don’t understand, expected to be understood today?

No one who has played the game of “telephone” disagrees that this is a problem for the story of Noah, or almost all of the bible … well except for believers … who must take everything on faith despite every ounce of information that’s been documented since then. Take these verses for example:

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family. By his faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.” Hebrews 11: 6-7.

Believers are taught through culture and scripture to believe without evidence. Faith is not only a precept but a standard. Without it, the foundation crumbles.

God, who cannot be seen, heard or understood, is not pleased unless you have faith in that which you can’t see. This is what’s frustrating for people like me. You have this supposedly amazing lord of the universe who expects you to spend all your years “knowing” he’s there without any thing greater than faith.

I say, great, have faith. But please don’t reach into disciplines of knowledge that use evidence as a basis. Don’t impose faith on science. Keep faith faith and science science. Otherwise, I can’t help but think you’re as ignorant as I was imposing the bullshit I learned in high school on the science I learned in college and after.

Believe me, you’re not helping your cause.

As for the Noah’s ark discovery, it is most certainly a hoax. It seems that anything religious in nature is hoax ridden these days.

98 thoughts on “Radio carbon dating, Noah’s Ark and You

  1. I am a Christian, yet I agree with what you’re saying about creationists. I believe in God, but I also am a devout evolutionist, and PROUD OF IT. I have been making a study of Noah’s Ark, and I have come to realize one thing of which I am granite-solid certain:
    There has never been and never will be a Biblical discovery which will even crack the foundations of modern science, nor is there a scientific discovery which will negate the Bible or destroy its inerrancy.

    Thus, I have reached the conclusion that this feud between Religion and Science is completely pointless.

    Fanatics (for whatever twisted reason they have) will never to their dying days accept that. For them to use the Bible to teach earth-science, chemistry, etc. makes about as much sense to me as using Shakespeare to teach math.

    1. Wow. Thanks for your response. I’m very happy to hear from a Christian who accepts evolution. That’s indeed rare.

      It is my personal goal that all Christians accept evolution, because those who don’t accept evolution are contributing heavily to the idea that religious people aren’t intelligent.

      You said that there is not a scientific discovery that would negate the bible or destroy its inerrancy.

      You obviously stand by that statement.

      That means, even as an evolutionist, that you believe god created man and women in a garden with a talking snake. Science proves with great accuracy that there is no such thing as two first people. It also shows with great accuracy there are no talking snakes. Science shows with great accuracy that there was absolutely no world-wide flood at any time in the history of land and water geological history. There are umpteen examples in the bible in which science proves very distinctively that it is far more errant than you care to admit. These things include real-live zombies, instant healings, plagues, fire blasting out of the sky, food falling from the sky, a virgin birth, etcetera etcetera.

      In fact, science shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the bible is chockfull of error. It’s full of mythologies and supernatural stories inspired by the literature and cultures that existed long before its writing.

      In many cases, it’s the most disingenuous, uncreative book that yourself, and many others have been roped into putting major stock into and making claims like the one you made above re: science cannot negate the bible.

      I believe science and religion can coexist as two completely different ideas. However, one cannot make such lofty claims like the one you made.

      1. Firstly it’s rather fascinating that you’d consider someone who makes such outlandish and presumptive statements as being “intelligent” since he or she accepts evolution as fact.

        Secondly, you display your own amazing ignorance with statements like this:
        “Science proves with great accuracy that there is no such thing as two first people”.

        There is absolutely zero grounds for what you just said.
        Somehow you find excuses for yourself and others to make ridiculous claims as such, et al, since you’re obviously “intelligent” because of your belief in the faerie tale of evolution.

        So that’s all you need, kids! Just say “The Bible is silly, and evolution is true! and you too can be considered as intelligent.”

        And just to let you know, just because a person claims to be a Christian doesn’t make him one.
        The position of the Bible is UTTERLY inconsistent with evolution, and evolution is UTTERLY inconsistent with science. Creatures adapt to their environments. That only proves that God has designed his creation to survive and thrive. But no creature has ever changed into another creature. And something cannot come from nothing. That’s fantasy, not science.

      2. Meow, stegokitty, put your claws away.

        Fantastic response.

        You are living proof of evolution, dear stegokitty. You are the missing link. You are an animal in transition, and no matter what the preacher says from the pulpit, your DNA, your bone structure, your cells and chemical makeup connect you to the whole of life.

        No one said you weren’t intelligent. You’re just not smart for dumping evolution for a talking snake.

        The only real trouble with your response is to decide which part I’m going to use on the front page as the quote of the week.

        Well done, pussy cat. Well done!

      3. Just in case this one decides to not comment and run away, I’ve got some questions.

        Where does it say in Jeremy’s comment to Gaudzilla that to be intelligent all one has to do is say the bible is silly and evolution is true? I’m a bit confused, because all I see is Jeremy saying that insisting that a talking snake is more reasonable than 150 years of well documented, testable, and falsifiable science helps foster the idea that religious people aren’t intelligent.

        Does your reading comprehension not extend past a third grade level? If so, how are we to trust any interpretation you make of the Bible or scientific literature? I mean, you can’t even grasp simple English, and your opinion is suddenly valid?

        Please expound a bit on how evolution is not consistent with science. That statement is false on it’s face. I’ll gladly explain every which way you are wrong. As we have said before: Neither your pastor, nor Kent Hovind, nor Ray Comfort is a wellspring of scientific information. They, like you, will lie, misinform, and contort in order to serve a transparent agenda. That is not very Christian of any of you. You’re making Jesus cry. Don’t make Jesus cry Stegokitty. Hasn’t he been through enough?

    2. anyone who says that they are christian and an evolutionist are hyppocrites. you can’t believe in christian faith and also believe that we came from monkeys, its bullcrap, my ancestors DID not swing from trees nor were adam and eve monkey’s or cave men

  2. TO Jeremy:::
    Wow.I started to read your words until I realized that this was just a diatribe about your displeasure with other peoples belief systems.It would seem that if someone doesnt believe the same as you,you consider them unintelligent.Even with a barely veiled insult to Guodzilla,..about how he/she believes in a talking snake.You pretend to be glad he/she posted,and then dive into that nice little insult.
    Also,there HAS been stated that it is highly possible a meteor of large size could have landed in the Caspian Sea,causing massive waves that would have covered the entire earth.Your words are rather funny::
    “Science shows with great accuracy that there was absolutely no world-wide flood at any time in the history of land and water geological history.”

    That has NEVER been proven ‘with great accuracy’.
    When Clams are found at 13,000 ft on Mt.Arrarat,that are from the right time period,how can you stick to that theory of yours.Hmm,…

    1. Are you kidding, Whiskey?

      How were clams found at 13,000 ft? Do you know anything about how mountains are formed?

      Simple science. Very simple.

  3. Oh,I didnt say the clams were stuck in the stones,..they were found under the dirt.,Do you know about Fossils?

  4. It wasn’t Mt “Arrarat” where clams were found. It was Mt. Everest. Clams on Mt Everest is a common Creationist argument that is so dismally idiotic that I can’t believe you’re using it.

    Mt. Ararat is the mountain where the bible teaches that the mythological Noah’s Ark ended up after the flood.

    Secondly, I do know about fossils. I know that fossils don’t happen over the course of 40 days or even 400.

    Mountains are formed by the movement of tectonic plates over the course of millions of years. Land that was below water is pushed up out of the ground and forms great structures. Did you know some of the highest mountains are under water?

    The meteor in the Caspian Sea idea is a common and very dumb creationist argument as well.

    Science can PROVE that mountains are created by tectonic plates, but you cannot prove the existence of talking snakes. I don’t believe in science. I accept it, because it’s demonstrable. There is NO demonstrable evidence of a global flood, talking snakes, unicorns, walking dead, etc. etc.

    You have, however, accomplished something today. You can pat yourself on the back because you’ve been awarded the Dimbulb Quote of the Day award. You’ll have your very own post on the front page of this blog.

    Way to go!

    1. Please just read the Bible. It’s God’s Word and is the truth and ONLY the truth. The Ark landed on Mt Ararat. I bet you don’t have an explanation for what’s coming after you die. Christ does! I bet you don’t have an explanation for why there is so much evil/sin in the world. Christ does! Jesus Christ, the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE can explain it all. I am guessing that you believe or should I say, “accept” evolution. Let’s test the “Big Bang Theory” for a minute. Suppose there was a giant sun or whatever you believe exploded. Well, where did that come from? Anything that exists in time has to have a beginning or creation. Now I bet your asking: you say your God existed forever and still exists today. That’s because God exists outside of time. Also, the Bible has many, many prophecies and ALL of them have come true. For example, The Bible predicted the fall of Tyre. Anyone who lived at that time would think that was ABSURD. Tyre was one of the greatest cities in it’s time. Yet it happened. Do your own research. The Bible is true. So, if the Bible is true, and the Bible says God created the Earth, then he did. And, most importantly, if it says God gives us ETERNAL JOY, He does. No matter what, you will be living for eternity. It’s only a matter of where, HEAVEN OR HELL. Do your own research. Read the Bible. I can only hope you will find the truth.

      1. I’ve read the bible … in English, Hebrew and Greek.

        You’re right. I’m going to hell.

        For eternity.

        BIg whoop.

        Congratulations, Jake … you win!

      2. Jakey…poor Jakey…
        Do you really think none of us here have read the bible?
        Do you think that we are entirely ignorant of world history and Geography?
        Let’s read Ezekiel 26:7-14:

        7 For thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I will bring against Tyre from the north Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, king of kings, with horses and chariots, and with horsemen and a host of many soldiers. 8 He will kill with the sword your daughters on the mainland. He will set up a siege wall against you and throw up a mound against you, and raise a roof of shields against you. 9 He will direct the shock of his battering rams against your walls, and with his axes he will break down your towers. 10 His horses will be so many that their dust will cover you. Your walls will shake at the noise of the horsemen and wagons and chariots, when he enters your gates as men enter a city that has been breached. 11 With the hoofs of his horses he will trample all your streets. He will kill your people with the sword, and your mighty pillars will fall to the ground. 12 They will plunder your riches and loot your merchandise. They will break down your walls and destroy your pleasant houses. Your stones and timber and soil they will cast into the midst of the waters. 13 And I will stop the music of your songs, and the sound of your lyres shall be heard no more. 14 I will make you a bare rock. You shall be a place for the spreading of nets. You shall never be rebuilt, for I am the LORD; I have spoken, declares the Lord GOD. (ESV)
        (Emphasis mine)

        So Jakey, Ezekiel was writing this as the siege was ongoing)(580 BCish). He didn’t need a revelation to know that Nebuchadnezzar was laying siege on Tyre. We know this. We also know that Ol’ Nebby didn’t ever destroy Tyre, or even do much damage. The siege ended in a compromise between Tyre and Babylon that allowed the city to flourish under Babylonian rule for centuries. What you need to do is tell us how the prophesy of Ezekiel at all matches the actual historical account. Tyre was later besieged by Alexander the Great (332 BC, he took the city) and Crusaders (1111-1112AD). It still stands today as a city of 120,000 people. Does that really sound like a city that will be a bare rock…never be rebuilt? Your Lord God lied to you Jakey. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you that.
        Could you also turn your inspired Gospel to Mk 7:24 and Matt 15:21 to see Jesus visiting the region of Tyre, you know, the city that hasn’t existed for 480 or so years at that point.
        If your God is real then he lied to Ezekiel. He gave a false prophesy.
        So by your own logic, the bible is not true, and the bible says God created the Earth, then He didn’t. Wow, that was way too easy.

  5. Wishing that some of the people in this post would read the “Noah” story in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and realize that it’s humans being humans and committing natural acts into mythology in a particularly arid part of the ancient world, and not superstitious nonsense.

  6. Reading this I am baffled. ‘ Science proves with great accuracy there are no talking snakes’. I am really interested to see your accurate scientific proof for this. All the things that you are considering too impossible for our scientific minds can comprehend. You may call creationists and Christians unintelligent but even in my grade 8 science class I learned one of the most basic laws of the universe, No energy can be created or destroyed. However, this point of evolution that is widely accepted without question is that in the beginning, there was nothing, that nothing exploded, and caused everything. I wasn’t around 10 billion years ago to accurately confirm this but i doubt that you were there either. Evolution requires just as much faith as Christianity, we just have a happy ending.

    1. Are you serious? What nonsense. Evolution says nothing about something coming from nothing – evolution just species can transition over time into different species. It says absolutely nothing about the origin of life itself.

      Please try to learn about the subject before you try to lecture other people about it. I suspect that you’re just using the term “evolution” to blanketly describe everything about science that you don’t agree with or don’t understand.

  7. I’m going to agree with Jude here. Evolution has happened and is happening, whether “something came from something else”(which is actually what science says), whether “something came from nothing”(which is the ridiculous idea you want to attribute to evolution), or whether “something came from nothing via a magic sky faerie”(which is what you are claiming).
    Go back to your pastor and have him explain the laws of thermodynamics to you again, tell us what he says, and we’ll continue to tell you why he is a pastor and not a scientist.
    Thanks for coming out!
    Oh, and science can show with 100% accuracy that no snake has the requisite vocal chords or other biological prerequisites for speech. Unless you can show me a snake that has those prerequisites, then science is 100% vindicated in it’s position. You have a book of faerie tales and they have empiricism. I can see how that might be a hard choice!

    1. hey george snakes are not the same as they were in the garden of eden and adam and eve could understand animals back then, and the snake was not a true snake but the devil in the form of a snake you supid moron

      1. OMFG! FOR REALZ?
        Listen, I taught Sunday School for two years, and I bet some of my five year olds could have come up with a snappier answer than that. Even though the only thing they ever did in class was color rainbows over the ark, and make the curly haired kid listening to Jesus brown.

        I’m saying that your intellect is at the level of eating paste and using crayons.

        I thought I would spell that out for you since you’re such a genius.

        Jesus won’t be telling me to give you a gold star this week Pdog, hopefully you can pay more attention in class next week.

  8. I am not blinded to see that you both bring valid points. I have my beliefs, and you have yours and I can see that there is no reasoning with that. I can only hope that just because you think your science is best, doesn’t mean you can just stamp the 100% verified sticker on it. Your evolution that you hang tightly onto requires faith just as much as Christianity. God loves you and sent his only son to die for you and one day I hope you guys will see that. By the way George W. There is no way that you can 100% guarantee there was no talking snake.

    1. No one ever put a 100% verified sticker on science. It’s changing all the time.

      The difference is that most Christians say that the holy book cannot be changed, while changing it.

      And we say, by all means, offer a better argument and let’s move toward that direction.

      I’m glad you saw the validity in Jude and George’s comments though. Well done.

  9. William,
    My exact words were that science can show with “100% accuracy.”
    Nothing in science is 100% verified. That’s what makes science so much better than your faith. It can evolve and change as new and better information becomes available. That is what science does. It uses the best evidence we have available 100% of the time, and when better evidence presents itself, it goes where the evidence is. Contrast that with your epistemology, which tells you with “100% accuracy” what to believe, and if facts get in your way, well, so much for facts.
    Science has shown with 100% accuracy (in that no snake has ever been found with the ability for speech, and no verifiable accounts have ever been witnessed)that no snake has the requisite vocal chords or other biological prerequisites for speech. Unless you can show me a snake that has those prerequisites, then science is 100% vindicated in it’s position.

  10. Educated idiot’s is what you people are who say” the ark did not exist. ” Because it did, and there are plenty of evidence to support that FACT. If you can not see the evidence than you all are ignorant and need to did deeper. you all are college grad’s I’m sure and payed high doller for your education. So read the Bible. It’s all there

    1. SERIOUSLY ??!!

      If this isn’t a Poe, then here’s the response this deserves.

      All that fancy educatin’ that we done got helped us to understand one thing for sure.

      There is no big daddy in the sky and his supposed “word” is not worth the gilded pages it’s printed on or the fancy leather binding those pages are contained in.

      Using a book of legends and fairy tales, written by a bunch of bronze age goat herders, to provide evidence for the horseshit story that a global flood happened at the hands of a genocidal, maniacal, imaginary god is beyond ridiculous.

      You can scream about it being a fact until your head falls off and nothing, I repeat NOTHING, will make it so.

      And there are many, many people out there that understand this regardless of their education level. It’s the ones that claim to be “educated” and are yet still delusional enough to believe in the woo that need to look closely at the evidence.

    2. And here, ladies and gentlemen, is a prime example of what religion can do to what at one time may have been a perfectly good mind.

      Think carefully before surrendering your intellect, or you may spend the rest of your life producing such incoherent drivel as this.

    3. I tried looking Nikki up using her email and IP address. I couldn’t find much information that leads me to believe what I found is her, apart from the awful grammar on this page. The blogger on that page goes by another name so it’s probably not her.

      Regardless, it doesn’t take an education to understand that Noah’s Ark never happened. However, It takes a little education to represent your beliefs a little more coherently.

      We’re all ears for evidence. If you have links or references to that evidence, please set us straight. Drop in a few links here so that we may renege on our inferior knowledge and bow before your superior intellect.

  11. I like all that comments and after reading them, I find out that all of you are still among those that Jesus had to teach how to see and hear. First of all, science and Religion have nothing in common except a small part of what the scriptures tell you. All wrongly named “holly” scriptures contain a story that is partially believable and partially is not. The reason is the one that none of you all have studied the scriptures and tried to understand there coding and systematic cycling. The bible is written in 3 x 22 books + 6 secret books. The 66 books are Religion, the 6 secret books are Enochian hermetic Magic practice of the Kabbalah. The 3 cycles correspond to 3 Worlds which are part of each of us, The first world is heaven, the second earth, and the third is Limbo, or what you call hell or underworld. The Hebrew Alphabet has 22 open letters and 6 ending ones. The books are written in trinity system, what means that every event in it has 3 signification, one inside of your body, thus anatomy and procreation, the second is inside your mind, and the third is what you see with your eyes outside and surrounding you. None of what you read in those books never happened in the real world or in any land of this globe, all of it happens inside of each of us every day and periodically in our life.
    I give you examples of what it tells you. A human has A Head with a brain and on the opposite of it a sexual reproduction system.
    Any human has those 2 planes of his body interconnected by a nervbeam and this is protected by a spinal column. The spine is our electric system of the body. It is giving and receiving information to the brain. this brain is called in the Bible the “ancient one”. He is communicating with the vital Organs of the body by this silver fibres, our nervs and in the Bible, they are called the “beard of the Prophet”. The Spine has 33 Vertebrae. There are 7 cervical, the upper is the Atlas and he carries the World, the Cranium. The second is the axis mundi, the crosspoint of wisdom, Daath in Kabbalah, our voice plane. The next 12 vertebrae are chest. In the center of this is the solar plexus, the crosspoint where the 12 vital nervs connecr the 12 vital organs. This vital Organs are called in the Bible, 12 Apostles, 12 Tribes of judea, 12 Signs of the Zodiac. Now, theris the diapraghm, in the Bible the golden belt, then the 5 lumbar vertebrae, the 5 senses and the place of the Pentagram. Under those come 9 vertebrae, the OS SACCRUM. on this Holly bone is the pelvus, the cradle of humanity. In this pelvus, in the female body is a Mountain, standing like a tower, the Uterus. The Uterus is called in the Bible, Ararat, what means in Hebrew, Holly Land. So, here is the place where the people of Israel have to go and where there King has to die and will resurrect to be born again 9 month later. (Easter to X-Mas is 9 month). When a crossing or crucifixion between a male and female occurs, the snakes start talking. Humans are androgenous beings and both have a male and female endocrine system. We call those androgenous electric impulses by two different names, Adam for male, Eve for female. Those snakes are symbolically shown as talking snakes in the Torah cartoon. But all this is as old as the world, in Hinduism we cal them Pingala and Ida, in Kabbalah Ob and On, in Taoism Yin and Yiang. So, there are no talking snakes, no more than talking ducks.
    The death of the king will cause cellsplitting and after 3 days, he will have split in a crossed pair, We see that symbol in every church, beside of the trifoil, the 3 eggs of creation, 2 balls and on ovary. The quadrifoil is the crucifixion of the cells. Once the plancenta takes place, the big flood starts and it start on the top of the Ararat, the womb will grow. If God asks Noah to bring a pair of each, it means that all mamals of the earth procreate that way. The Arch is the upper chest with the 3 major humans, the 3 parts of the brain, the 7 sons or 7 endocrine glands and the animals and humans, the 12 signs of the Zodiac or our 12 vital Organs. It are 21 things, 3 sets of 7. Now, you see that the ark of Noah is true. The Ark of the covenant is the unification of man and woman in sex, the 2 tubular handles are ther spinal cords and the electric streams are the androgenous streams, the snakes. Moses is the begining. The lower Egypt is the man, fertile, trees standing, the upper Egypt is Woman, a desert. The people of Israel, sperm, can go 40 years in that desert, a woman has puberty at 12 and at 52 the menopause will stop fertility.Man can produce the Manna 72 years and more. Moses has to bring the people of Israel into the Holly Land. To do that he has to overcome the vaginal waters and to do that he has to break the virginity first by putting his magic staff into that place. The water turns to blood, and the Pharao, his Enlightened Brain will assist to this. It is same as Jesus turns Water in wine. The breathe of God will eneter the door and the child Moses will die as the son of Pharao and will get reborn as Moses the adult Man, the Creator and Procreator. We all live 5 Ages, Golden Age as a Baby, silver Age as child, Bronze age as a young person 9 bronze is Tin or male and Copper or female. Both together turn into bronze, and in the body it becomes Gold, through the stone of wisdom, Yesod, the stone or foundation of Kabbalah, the sexual Organs). Then comes Iron, our procreatiom phase and during that one we work hard, Then we turn to stoneage, we get old and immobile as stones. Bur lets see what Moses did.
    So Moses will have in that night some doors that are unclean, painted with blood. No jew will ever touch a women in menstration. So, the children stay alive. Moses had to overcome the vaginal Waters and here again, the Staff helped and he splited the waters by bringing the stick up to the cervix of the Uterus. Jesus talks here about a baldman going up a thight road. So, this is a very small part of what holly scriptures tell you.
    Religion means covenant, religare in latin, quohelet in Hebrew and all it tells is the relation between male and emale in matrimony. I am a Rabbi of Kabbalah and I read the scriptures like an open book. They contain anatomy, spirituality and use of missuse of the spiritual extasy (SEX), astrology and the wisdom of the golden rule or golden mean. God is 3 letters, Guimel, Daleth, Heh, in Hebrew GDH. Guimel is a Camel (animal with long neck and 2 balls on the back sitting in an Oasis and watching a waterhole or the eyelet of a needle), Daleth is a door, and Heh is a window, Heh symbolizes the Uterus. GDH is 345.
    If the Trinity turn into a Pentagram, it becomes Gadah. And her we convert in Numbers to 31415, or pi.
    So, put your heads in peace, non of us could exist without God or the big flood and all in the universe follows the rules of God since all is circular. In the beginning is the word, and a word is a vibration of you vocal cords, all is vibration. The word is 1 and the word was with god, and that word was 0,666, and the word was God, and 1 + 0.666 is the Golden Mean of expansion of the Kingdom of God, our Body. All in the universe is symbolism, Pattern, and the way they swing and rotate is the way you see them. All you need is to know what’s about, and o are the Holly Scriptures. God made them out of words, letters and numbers. So, stop wasting your time with the words only, they are stories of Babies, Cabbage and Storks.

  12. Read the text and think about it, then study the books and don’t find one where this text has been cut and paste, you will waste your time since it doesn’t exist. Yes, there is one, but I wrote it myself and use it for my teaching. I teach the Kabbalah since 42 years now. Maybe a reason why children call me Santa Claus. Yes, this might be salad of words, but so is the bible. I can only translate concealed salad with decoded salad and on the end it remains salad. And since salad is more difficult to read then cartoons, people stick to cartoons, or have you ever read the Bible, I doubt it.
    And, even Cartoons have quiet a bunch of hidden messages and many of them are bible-coded. Strange, but I definitely must see things you can’t see. And Jeremy, there is no need to change any of the Holly Books since none of them contains any words of lies, hate or anything that would make anyone to kill any other one. So, why change them. All you need to do is to leave things happen where they are supposed to happen, in simple words, leave the church in the middle of the village. Or do you think that the Holly Qu’ran is preaching hatred word when it is written ; avoid the jews, find them where ever they are and kill them. If you do, it is a sign and prove that you really do not understand anything of what the scriptures relate to.

    1. I never said you stole it. I said you cut and paste it.

      I assumed it was something you wrote, that you keep pasting as responses to anything that resembles something you want to respond to.

      You’re certainly welcome to believe it. It’s just as nut-baggy as anything else spiritual.

  13. When people like Samuel talk, my life as a real Christian becomes hard.

    He’s obliterating the word “Christian”. He makes people hate us. He is confused, lengthy, and not to-the-point. He’s not making the peace…

    Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

    Don’t allow Satan to use you to frustrate the lives of Christians anymore Samuel.

    Teach others using patience; avoid plunging into people’s brains.

    If I’m not clear, hear this.
    Samuel, while your ministry lies with children, mine is with people my own age. You make people my age wanna ring my neck, but your blindness causes to push out God and teach as if you are not a man but a god. Think like a man, no, like a boy…

    Matthew 18:3 And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

    You are not God! You are not a god, and God certainly has not gifted you to persuade others at this time. So stop persuading people away from God whom you ought to serve more appropriately.

  14. Hey Jeremy,

    I have come to this page in search of an evidence regarding “The great flood”. And instead I ended up reading every little word posted in this site (except Samuel’s post, it was just way too long hehehe, peace Samuel). Jeremy, I kid you not, our God is true. He created you in His image and likeness. As a science experiment, talk to Him tonight. Tell Him that you want to know Him. I tell you, it will be a life-changing experiment. If you seek Him, He will find you. It’s not about science or the bible. It’s not about creationism or evolution, it’s not about Intelligent design vs Big bang It has always been about you and Him.

    1. I know you included the bible in your post, but to be more specific, can you define your god so that we know exactly which one we’re attempting to get in contact with? There’s tens of thousands of Christian denominations, you know, and we want to get the right one.

    2. Hey Joey,

      Talk to god in my mind? Been there, done that.

      You came here looking for evidence of a great flood, which you will never find within the framework of the biblical idea.

      If you were looking for geological evidence of an old Earth and animal fossils that point to evolution, you will find it — quite successfully.

      You’re right, I could talk to myself in my head and think I know the creator of the universe and he’s listening to those thoughts. In most cultures, talking to someone –other than myself — in my mind is considered nutty. I choose to agree that it’s not healthy behavior.

      The point is: search for evidence of the flood = you will not find it. Search for evidence of evolution or the big bang = you will find it … in droves.

  15. Let me introduce you to one person!!! just one, he is a verry influential Satanist. He will congratulate for your work because they hate creationist!

      1. What he meant is that satanists advocate evolutionism to abolish the idea that all things were created by God

      2. But if you don’t believe in Satan, you tell people who do to keep that shit to themselves.

      3. Gasy, you must be new to reality. Welcome!

        Satanists are just as silly as Christians. Atheists are not Satanists, as much as you’d love to have a straw man to burn.

        As Jeremy so kindly put it, y’all can keep that stupid fucking shit to yourselves.

  16. Scientists evolutionists believe that dinosaurs disappeared millions of years before the appearance of man on Earth. But the Bible tells us that men and dinosaurs lived at the same time. For example, Romans 8:20-22 5:12 ET indicate that the death did not exist on Earth in the animal world before Adam’s sin. And the death and fossilization of the dinosaurs had to appear after the Edenic curse of the third chapter of Genesis. The fact that dinosaurs like the Brontosaurus lived in some river valleys of the Middle East until at least two thousand years before Jesus Christ is mentioned in Job 40:10-19 (“Behold the behemoth … He eats grass like an ox … It curved tail like a cedar … It is the first of God’s “King James Version). Some think that this is the hippopotamus, but this interpretation is clearly contradicted by the reference to its tail “which is like a cedar.”

    Scientific discoveries confirm biblical revelation on this point. Of human footprints have been found with dinosaur footprints reptilians (see Whitcomb and Morris, “The Genesis Flood”, pages 172-176). If we understand “dinosaur” in its original sense of “terrible lizard”, then the dinosaurs have not disappeared! At about mile huge lizards dragons still survive in the small Indonesian island of Komodo. Although it has disappeared now it reaches 99% and rarely more than 3.7 meters long, the American alligator was nearly 6 feet long not later than the beginning of the century. There are five hundred years only, the “Aepyornis”, a bird dinosaur 3 meters high and weighing half a ton, still lived on the island of Madagascar. It’s time to get an idea entirely new dinosaurs.

  17. –But the Bible tells us that men and dinosaurs lived at the same time.–

    No it doesn’t.

    –For example, Romans 8:20-22 5:12 ET indicate that the death did not exist on Earth in the animal world before Adam’s sin.–

    Prove it without the Bible. Oh wait, you’d have to use science.

    –And the death and fossilization of the dinosaurs had to appear after the Edenic curse of the third chapter of Genesis.–

    No. Only if you have to warp reality around your holy book does that have to happen.

    –The fact that dinosaurs like the Brontosaurus lived in some river valleys of the Middle East until at least two thousand years before Jesus Christ is mentioned in Job 40:10-19 (“Behold the behemoth … He eats grass like an ox … It curved tail like a cedar … It is the first of God’s “King James Version).–

    Did you mean Apatosaurus? Brontosaurus is a mistaken identification. And congratulations on a terribly ambiguous passage to prove your point. I’m sure we can accurately describe any number of dinosaurs based on those lines.

    –Some think that this is the hippopotamus, but this interpretation is clearly contradicted by the reference to its tail “which is like a cedar.”–

    Do you know how many creatures have lived that might have had that description, and didn’t live in the time of the dinosaurs?

    Besides which, how do you know you’re not reading the passage wrong?

    Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo now, his strength is in his loins, and his force is in the navel of his belly. He moveth his tail like a cedar: the sinews of his stones are wrapped together. His bones are as strong pieces of brass; his bones are like bars of iron. He is the chief of the ways of God: he that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. Job 40:15-19

    According to that you’re full of shit. It says it moved its tail “like a cedar”, not that it was a cedar.


    ” “Like a cedar” is a prepositional phrase that is acting like an adverb describing the verb “moveth”. In other words, behemoth moved his tail back and forth like a cedar does in the wind. Lots of animals (elephants, hippos, african buffalo, rhinos) could be described as doing that. They do that to keep the flies off of their butts.

    Really, it’s pointless to argue which animal is behemoth. Job is a cautionary tale that probably wasn’t even intended by its author to be taken literally.”

    –Scientific discoveries confirm biblical revelation on this point.–

    No. Prove it. Do you have a scientific degree or background?

    –Of human footprints have been found with dinosaur footprints reptilians (see Whitcomb and Morris, “The Genesis Flood”, pages 172-176).–


    “The alleged human footprints involve a number of misidentified and spurious phenomena.

    Most supposed “man tracks” in the riverbed are forms of elongate, metatarsal dinosaur tracks– made by dinosaurs that at times impressed their metatarsi (soles and heels) as they walked. When the digit impressions of such tracks are subdued by mud-collapse, erosion, infilling, or a combination of factors, the remaining metatarsal portions often superficially resemble human footprints. However, when well cleaned such tracks show definite indications of tridactyl, dinosaurian digit patterns (Kuban, 1986a, 1986b; Hastings, 1987).

    Some of the reputed human prints are erosional features or other natural irregularities. They do not show clear human features without selective highlighting, nor occur in natural striding sequences (Cole et al, 1985).

    A smaller number of alleged “giant man tracks” are carvings on loose blocks of rock (Godfrey, 1985; Kuban and Wilkerson, 1989).

    Creationists often failed to exercise scientific rigor and due caution in their early Paluxy field work and promotions. Subseqwuently many also mischaracterized or minimized the mainstream work and alalyses which prompted creationist reevaluations of the evidence (Schadewald, 1986; Kuban, 1986c). However, most no longer use the Paluxy tracks among their arguments, and major creationist organizations such as ICR and AIG have advised that the Paluxy tracks not be cited as evidence against evolution. Continuing “man track” claims by a few individuals such as Carl Baugh and Don Patton have not stood up to close scrutiny (Kuban, 1989).”

    –If we understand “dinosaur” in its original sense of “terrible lizard”, then the dinosaurs have not disappeared!–

    Of course not dipshit, they evolved into birds.

    –At about mile huge lizards dragons still survive in the small Indonesian island of Komodo.–

    Those are monitor lizards. Congratulations. They’re not even related by their bone structures.

    –Although it has disappeared now it reaches 99% and rarely more than 3.7 meters long, the American alligator was nearly 6 feet long not later than the beginning of the century.–

    Alligators are not related to dinosaurs. They have completely different bone structures and evolved around the same time. This is how I know you’re full of it.

    –There are five hundred years only, the “Aepyornis”, a bird dinosaur 3 meters high and weighing half a ton, still lived on the island of Madagascar.–

    This is still a point in favor of evolutionary biology. Dispute it when you understand it.

    –It’s time to get an idea entirely new dinosaurs.–

    No, because you don’t understand evolution or science.

  18. OK kilre!! you think you know the science, I have tons of questions for you…
    Darwin noted the problem and it still remains. The evolutionary family trees in textbooks are based on imagination,
    not fossil evidence. Famous Harvard paleontologist (and
    evolutionist), Stephen Jay Gould, wrote, “The extreme
    rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as
    the trade secret of paleontology”. Other evolutionist fossil
    experts also admit the problem.

    1. I suppose this whole discussion is a fool’s errand- “Offer evidence that will convince someone who believes the bible is a history book” and all that, but…..
      Fossils aren’t missing. They were never there to get lost. Fossilization is not the default state of long dead creatures. Thankfully this is true, or else we would be living in a mountain of fossilized animals- we would also have no petroleum or nutrient rich soil. Some animals live in areas where fossilization is more common- near silt beds for example. Others lived in areas absolutely not condusive to fossilization- like rainforests. If you believe that every creature that dies ought to become a fossil- you would need to prove that petroleum does not come from living matter and that plants and animals do not decay fully after death. Good luck with that! Here is a simple experiment you can do at home. Take a leaf, a worm, a bird, a mouse, and a large mammal-all dead. Don’t bury them. Leave them in your back yard for five to seven years undisturbed. How many are intact? How many are of a structure or quality that would match fossils found by paleontologists today? That is only five to seven years! What might we expect if we came back 100 years later? 1000 years? 2000 years?
      To stick with your biblical understanding of “deep time“- what if we came back 4000-5500 years later? Would all these creatures have fossilized? If you said no- then ask yourself why.
      I`m sure your answer has to do with the flood and how every known fossil is the result of God`s deluvial judgement. Fantastic! So science should be able to trace floods back thousands of years and find similar fossil evidence- and similar “stacking effects“ where the smallest flood victims are at the bottom, followed by plants and fishes, then large reptiles then small mammals, then large mammals with more diversity at the top and less at the bottom? Great! Show me your evidence.
      If you take away a book that none of us here assume is a literal history-except you- what we are left with is physical evidence. Without the bible- not one single person would look at the totality of evidence and come up with a biblical narrative.
      Fossils aren`t supposed to be common-and we can prove in the here and now why they are not. Next.

      1. Don’t bother too much, George. He’s copying everything from the 15 Questions to Evolutionists that’s been circulating.

      2. Kilre,
        Yeah, I know. At the same time though, wouldn`t it be nice if someone at least tried to show him/her that the questions are easily answered- if one takes the time to understand the issue?
        The problem for Gasy remains that information is the enemy of ignorance- the only people who will be fooled by this display will be those unwilling to understand.
        Maybe that is the point though?

      3. I gave up links that explain every question he raised, and one that specifically deals with the 15 Questions he copy/pasted. If he/she spent an afternoon reading TalkOrigins they might come away with the information they need to fight that ignorance.

    2. Bah! I stopped reading the moment I saw he quote-mined S.J. Gould.

      Look, if you can’t be up-front about your source and if you’re not even going to bother to read things in the appropriate context, I will assume you are not really willing to have honest discourse on the topic.

      End of line…

    The maintenance of stability within species must be considered as a major evolutionary problem…

    1. Gasy,
      This question betrays your ignorance of evolution. Everything evolves- but what you are claiming is that all living creatures need to change drastically over time or else evolution is false- and this simply is not true. Why do species change according to evolutionary theory? Why does natural selection favor some changes over others? Why do species diverge from one another? What happens when two sub-species are isolated for extended periods of time? If you can answer these questions- and show you honestly have sought to understand evolution- then you will have answered your own question.
      If you know enough about evolution to know that I am wrong, answer my four questions. Then I`ll explain to you how your own answers to my questions answer your question. Next.

  20. Evolutionist Professor Paul Davies admitted, “Nobody knows how a mixture of lifeless chemicals spontaneously organized themselves into the first living cell.” Andrew Knoll, professor of biology, Harvard, said, “we don’t really know how life originated on this planet”. A minimal cell needs several hundred proteins. Even if every atom in the universe were an experiment with all the correct amino acids present for every possible molecular vibration in the supposed evolutionary age of the universe, not even one average-sized functional protein would form. So how did life with hundreds of proteins originate just by chemistry without intelligent design?

    1. Gasy,
      How life originated in it`s most basic form is not known with any reasonable amount of certainty.
      It might have been a “chemical soup“…..
      It might have been a meteor…..
      It might have been aliens…..
      It might have been Odin, Zeus, or Yahweh….
      It might have been an invisible pink unicorn.

      If you want to believe that your personal God is the reason, that is fine with me. His dominion over our creation has been ever shrinking for the last 300 years-and you are welcome to stick him in whatever gap we have yet to fill.
      Just know that this assertion (insertion?) does nothing to disprove evolution. Evolution happens, has happened and is hapening even today. There is far too much evidence for you to wave away to assert otherwise.
      What you want us to believe is that we can`t know for sure that Harry Truman was President of the United States if we don`t know what primary school he attended. We can know he was president because there is a overwhelmingly persuasive record of his election and Presidency. He could have attended any primary school, or home school, and still have been our President. One has nothing to do with the other.
      All your attempts here have been to assert that Truman was not President because we can`t tell if he attended primary school. Worse yet, you want us to believe that you have a book that says that he wasn`t and that is supposed to solve the argument against the historical record.


    Wrong question. Read:

    –Darwin noted the problem and it still remains.–

    It doesn’t. Read up on biology, dipshit.

    –Famous Harvard paleontologist (and
    evolutionist), Stephen Jay Gould, wrote, “The extreme
    rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as
    the trade secret of paleontology”.–

    Read the rest of the quote, fuckwit:



    –The maintenance of stability within species must be considered as a major evolutionary problem…–

    Do you even know what that means?

    –Evolutionist Professor Paul Davies admitted, “Nobody knows how a mixture of lifeless chemicals spontaneously organized themselves into the first living cell.” Andrew Knoll, professor of biology, Harvard, said, “we don’t really know how life originated on this planet”.–

    Congratulations. You can quotemine. Brilliant show of logical reasoning on your part.

    –A minimal cell needs several hundred proteins.–

    Prove it.

    –Even if every atom in the universe were an experiment with all the correct amino acids present for every possible molecular vibration in the supposed evolutionary age of the universe, not even one average-sized functional protein would form.–

    Prove it.

    –So how did life with hundreds of proteins originate just by chemistry without intelligent design?–

    There are enough experiments out there to satisfy anyone with any sort of curiosity, but for you, deserving of at least a college-level biology course, I leave you with these:


    I know it’s hard for you to understand with your Gish Gallup of stupidity, but evolution =/= abiogenesis, and abiogenesis is how you think life arose too, so I don’t see a problem with life arising from non-living material that formed from millions of years of interacting chemicals, or a god-being poofing it into existence because some holy book said so.


    1. you think you know all things about your shit billion of years! when you do not exceed even 80 years. (you stupid)
      Charles Darwin was a freemason and you can verify it anywhere on the net.
      And you knew that the Freemason are Satanists;all high degree in freemanson accept that. They accept the fact that God exists but deny His authority like satan.
      How do you explain, where and what is the origin of ghost?? (is from your stupid billions of years worm??)
      How and where magician or sorcerer (real magician) can get their power? (from God?, satan?, or from your billion years of evolution?)
      Ghost exist! if you don’t beleave, go to all haunted house in the world or to person who practice spiritism!! ask shit satanist to show you that if you don’t beleave!! make a logic search.
      Billion years old!!!!! your mother, not mine.

      1. Don’t bother your time with those guy bro!! they are blind enouth to accept the reality!
        Freemason= branch of Satanist
        Satanist>>> the prince and father of lies.

  22. Darwinists have made fossil belonging to a perfect life forms and interpreted them according to their own desires, and have even resorted to blatant fraud.

    They made the hoax of Piltdown Man, exposed for 40 years, adding the jawbone of an orangutan died recently in a human skull, and Nebraska Man faked by producing representations he and his family assumed on the basis of a single boar’s tooth. They hired a propaganda claiming that natural selection causes evolution, by adding feathers to dinosaur fossils or pinning moths to tree trunks. For years, they have portrayed the Coelacanth as an intermediate form, AND WERE SURPRISED WHEN IT TURNED OUT THAT THE CREATURE WAS STILL ALIVE TODAY. They proposed “an imaginary scenario of equine evolution,” although horse fossils dating back 53 million years were identical to the horses currently available (O_°), but finally had to confess that this, too, was a forgery.

    They tried to use fake embryo drawings to explain the supposed evolution of man. Then they removed this false scenario when Haeckel, the author of the drawings, admitted that “many hoaxes have been made on behalf of the theory of evolution, and thus had no remorse in doing that.”

    Darwinism is a lie. Evolutionists FEEL THE NEED TO CONCEAL FOSSILS because their jokes were constantly exposed, and because all genuine fossils refute evolution.

  23. Just so everyone knows, AK47 and Storm are the same person.

    The best way to find agreement with your creationism is to believe in imaginary friends and to change your alias but not your computer.

    1. Not even going to bother. They’re here to preach, not have a discussion. Which is why Glasy hasn’t returned after shooting off his load, I’m guessing.

      Gish Gallups get tiring after a while, and when they think we’re Freemasons and Satanists I don’t think there’s a point.

      1. They might all be the same person, Gasy, AK47. The IP addresses are showing up from Madagascar.

        Maybe they are from different computers in the same Internet cafe.

    2. Gasy: Precisely, we live in Antananarivo/soamanandrariny!! at the same house with a shared connection! and we are Malagasy or “Gasy”; no need to search our ip adress and find if we are from different computers or not (hahaha you are funny)
      “LA QUESTION N’EST PAS Là!!! (in french)…
      AK47: I’ll speak french so that any Malagasy friend could understand (so translate it on google)
      “Vous qui vivez dans les pays développer, vous êtes trop matérialistes et vos pensées ne vont que sur des logiques matériels et c’est normale parce que vous ne vivez pas ce que nous vivons, vous ne voyez pas ce que nous voyons; ici la sorcellerie et le spiritisme ou les choses surnaturels tuent des gens, dans le sud du pays les armes à feux ne sont rien par rapport à la force occultes de la sorcellerie,… tous les Malagasy savent ce là; avec ses pouvoirs occultes les mauvais gens savent attirer votre femme ou votre soeur dans leur lit sans qu’elles s’en rendent compte.
      Il se passent beaucoup de choses que les personnes matérialistes ne voudrons jamais comprendre car ses choses ne sont pas dans leur logiques; et c’est tout simplement impossible pour eux, même si ça se passe devant leur yeux.
      Vous les évolutionnistes vous ne pouvez rien faire devant ces forces occultes; vos théories Darwinistes ne nous aides pas a nous protéger de la sorcellerie ou de la magie des mauvais gens d’ici dont nous vivions quotidiennement… Seul le nom de DIEU et de JESUS qui leur font peur et qui nous a proteger depuis des années, non pas Darwin et sa théorie”.

      1. I expect a full blown retort in French from monsieur Witteveen when he catches this. Perhaps George W as well?

      2. A lot of the readers of this blog speak French. No google translation required.

        Azafady is the limit of my Malagasy.

        And go fuck yourselves is the most appropriate way to address 3rd-world idiots who haven’t the savoir faire to understand how a country rich with a diverse, environmentally-specific evolution — different than any country on Earth — proves the very idea you’re fighting against.

      3. hahaha! you and your stupid evolution! full of anger, you can’t explain where ghost and another supernatural and magical things came from.
        Is it from a new evolution of Darwin’s beard??
        Please!!! explain it scientifically with your best proof on the net!!

      4. Anger?

        You read my emotion incorrectly. I say “Go fuck yourselves” joyfully.

        “Stupid evolution”? You’re right. Your way of thought is supreme.

        You’re going to heaven when you die. What do you care about stupid people like me accepting stupid things like that?

        Kilre has legitimately defeated everything you’ve posted and explained everything you’ve asked.

        Everyone knows that the third-rate, third-world kids living in islands of ignorance are the intellectual bastions of intelligence anyway.

      1. You fuckwits come here and spout off a bunch of crap. I point to links refuting said crap. George W went over each point Gasy wrote with care! You then spout off MORE CRAP like we hadn’t even said anything. That’s not a discussion, that’s talking to a wall.

        We’re here for a discussion if you want to do more than watch yourself type righteous supernatural nonsense.

      2. Anger followed by a swear word is a sign of weakness; and we’re just laughing at your comment.
        Sérieusement; vos jurons ne prouvent que votre incompétence!

      3. Oh my oh my. If I use a swear word, I’m weak.

        That’s the most stupid horseshit line <—- please note this sentence includes a "swear" word.

        Language is a tool just like everything else. And words are words are words.

        While many people on this blog do read French, I find it amazingly self-centered that you come to a primarily English speaking blog and post your reply in French and tell everyone to Google the translation because you want to accommodate your crony.

        Since language is a tool, that's the equivalent of me trying to change the oil and rotate the tires on my car using a baguette. Wrong fucking tool for the wrong fucking job.

        Go fuck yourselves… <—- said with pure joy 😉

  24. I live in the French part of Canada and speak French every day. But as for conversing with you, if you’re not going to address what Kilre and George took the trouble to write, why should I even bother?

  25. One of the things that puzzles me about “Noah’s Ark” is that the timber structure that has been found on Mt Ararat and called “Noah’s Ark”, is at least 12,000 feet above sea level. Now presuming that this was “normal water” and the surface being horizontal and this water covered the world, – That is a frigging lot of water, so where did it go when the water subsided. And where did it come from to be 12,000 feet above sea level?

    There have been many floods in many parts of the world and many old communities have noted these floods, but no-one else has had a 12,000 foot flood. – My best guess is that a flood could have been on the Northern Iraqi plains between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. OR the Black Sea could have been a “below sea level” lake and the water cascaded through from the Mediteranean Sea as a result of the Arctic icecap melting.

    1. Yeah, there’s no evidence for a global flood, and certainly not one that peaked out over mountains 12,000+ feet high.

      There may have been a local flood that inspired this lore. But to think there was a global flood that killed everyone renders god a complete jerk.

      The flood alone is reason enough to dispel the entirety of the Bible.

  26. Hi Jeremy. You are running a great Website here, that’s why I joined.

    I grew up without any religious brainwashing to hold back my development and have had a great life without the thought of “God’s wrath”. However I am now interested in trying to interpret the historical side of “Genesis” and the “family tree” that is contained therein.

    I believe in the Theory of Evolution, but also believe that there could have been a number of extra terrestrial interventions on this Earth. I don’t believe that every human being on this Earth came from the same source in Africa. Maybe DNA testing will eventually be able to prove the true position.

    My views on “Garden of Eden” is that 6000 years ago, extra-terrestrials conducted a cloning experiment and this was the for-runner of the Semites. This was the last race on Earth and not the first, because it was only 6000 years ago. (There is carbon dating proof that many other races were on Earth well before this date).

    Religious people should realise this and accept that “God created heaven ON Earth” NOT “God created Heaven AND Earth”. (“God” being an extra-terrestrial and would have looked upon himself as a scientist, not a “God”).

  27. I don’t want to burst your bubble Killa, but your conjecture is only a quarter step less ridiculous than an omnipotent being creating everything around us ex nilho around 6000 years ago.

    Replacing one unevidenced creation myth for another isn’t skepticism, it is out-of-the-box credulity.

    But hey, at least you believe in evolution,right?

  28. Hi George,

    The main issue with the God belief is that human beings prey to God and hope their preyers will be heard and answered. There is the thought that people will receive “blessings” just by preying and that God will do good deeds.

    When there is a disaster and thousands of people killed, it is not blamed on God, but when a small child is pulled out alive, that is supposed to be a miracle.

    My view on the Garden of Eden is that an extra-terrestrial conducted a cloning experiment in a very small area on Earth 6000 years ago. That’s what I meant by writing, “God created Heaven ON Earth” – Heaven being the “Garden of Eden” only.

    I used to believe that there could only be one right answer to the question, however I now believe that life could have started on Earth in many areas at different times over the four and a half billion years. I’m just not as dogmatic as I used to be.

    It appears that original man had Rh positive blood. That means that he had the Rheses monkey gene in his DNA. HOWEVER 15 percent of the western population have Rh negative blood. That means that they DON’T have the monkey gene. So where did they come from??

    1. Killa, you might want to review some biology and come to a better understanding of Rh factor.

      It is not an indicator of having Rhesus genes.

      In fact, we share more DNA in common with chimpanzees but that doesn’t mean we have chimp genes, it means that we share a common ancestor just as we likely did with Rhesus monkeys.

    2. The main issue with the God belief is that human beings prey to God and hope their preyers will be heard and answered. There is the thought that people will receive “blessings” just by preying and that God will do good deeds.



      The main issue with the God belief is that it is demonstrably false. Just because you replace it with a different, equally false heuristic-just because it requires no additional energies on your part-doesn’t make your idea better. Less dangerous? Maybe. Less wrong? Nope.

      -George W.

      See how much more sane that sounds? You are welcome.

    1. Assuming you’re a young-earth creationist, I’ll ask:

      Were you there when God created the heavens and the earth 6000 years ago?

      Both questions are equally invalid.

  29. Many people don’t understand the purpose or the methodology of science. What they understand is the caricature that is presented in the media (and unfortunately, sometimes in the classroom, when the teachers themselves are poorly trained).

    It isn’t the purpose of science to prove anything. If more people — Christians and atheists alike — understood this, our Christian witness to atheists would be much more effective. Proofs are for mathematics. Science only offers the best available explanation for a set of facts. Such an explanation, when it is well-supported, is called a theory. It’s funny how some people decry the use of statistical models in climate change, and then it’s usually those very same people who turn around and use statistical models (very poorly made ones) to “prove” how evolution cannot be true.

    Gravity is a theory. So is evolution. They are both extremely well-supported theories, and they are both observable — even macroevolution. And for Christians (like myself), there is nothing in the theory of evolution that preludes God’s involvement. God is the cause, but Christians should at least be open to the possibility that macroevolution is the method that God used for the diversification of life over millions of years.

    And for those who decry “Darwinism”, recognize that there is nothing in Darwin’s writing which precludes the existence or direct workings of God in nature.

    Nonetheless, equating the modern theory of evolution with “Darwinism” would be akin to equating the modern theory of gravity with “Newtonism”. We’ve come a long way in both. Do science offer all the answers? Nope. For all we know about gravity, we still don’t know everything about how it works. Gravitons? Gravity waves? These things are still being tested. Similarly, we don’t know every last detail about evolution. But the theory paints a very consistent picture of how life diversified.

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