You obviously cannot be Jesus’ followers

This week in taking the bible out of context, a facebook friend quotes scripture that says give up everything or you can’t be a disciple. Disciple means “a follower of Jesus.”

The bible makes it impossible for even followers to be followers.

I mean, this same guy who posted the verse still owns his computer, the desk that it sits on, and the chair his ass is in … he owns a house and has to take care of his kids. I don’t understand how Christians reconcile the very words of Jesus.

He says, it’s a tough one this week … but he’s not about to give up everything.

Is it really tough? Or did he feel a little tinge of guilt that he’ll forget instantly while he’s ordering up take out tonight on his smartphone™, picking it up in his SUV and driving home to his comfortable home deep in the Yeshua Fog.

No, he’s not giving everything up. Maybe he’ll sacrifice chocolate for lent or abstain from too many sweets and say it’s for Jesus. Giving up everything would be asinine.

This is the same guy that says, “There’s only one way to heaven … all the rest of you are going to hell.”

By the reading of this verse, he’s damning himself and 99.99% of Christians to eternal torment. The only Christians that give up everything likely didn’t have anything in the first place.

Of course, I patronizingly “liked” the verse.


And believers wonder why they get poked at with the jokey end of sticks.

This isn’t the only verse that Jesus makes it clear that following him and poverty go hand in hand. Fact of the matter is … should Christians act as Christians the way Jesus demands, the demise of Christianity would be nigh.