Faircloth remarks on National Day of Prayer

secularcoalition — May 06, 2010 — Secular Coalition for America Executive Director Sean Faircloth discusses the unconstitutionality of the National Day of Prayer, and why it makes President Obama’s next Supreme Court appointment all the more important.

Make your voice heard on this issue here: http://action.secular.org/p/dia/actio…

FFRF responds to the NDoP, “Question with boldness even the existence of a God.”

I’m doing a bit of a repost here of a Friendly Atheist post … The Freedom from Religion Foundation launched a new bus campaign in response to the National Day of Prayer.

I think it’s important to spread the word. Read more here.

All of these are excellent quotes. One of my favorites of all times is the Thomas Jefferson one below. Thomas Paine’s would be a close second.