Savage (Love) on adoption

This is a great short video on Dan Savage’s views of homosexuality and adoption. I agree with him, and I’m hoping that some couples I know will have success with adoption in their future.

And right now, since Tina and I fall into a category of “may not be able to have children of our own,” we agree with the idea that it’s an evolutionary advantage to be the parents to some children that have none.

Plus I’m adopted, so there’s always that plus symbol.

Thanks to my brother, I was reminded about Savage Love, Dan Savage’s editorial over at the Onion’s AV club. It’s a help column for homosexual couples.

If anyone is confused about the biblical stand on homosexuality, they would do well to read the biblical stand on rape, murder, hate, incest, slavery and fish consumption … then they should do with the stupidity of homosexual hate — like they’ve done to all those other biblical stands — and throw the all the babies out with the bathwater.

Or come talk to Tina and myself for 10 minutes. We’ll help you through that process simple as pumpkin pie.

Where’d ya get your information from, huh? You think that you can front when revelation comes …

I know some climate denialists that might do well to watch this video.

March 15, 2010 — As a nonscientist, it’s daunting for me to work thru the huge volume of information on global climate change.
I’ve found that the most reliable scientific information comes from respected peer reviewed science journals .

But journals have lots of big words, and lots of small print, and very few illustrations to make it easy for me. You can see why climate denies don’t like them.
But that’s where the facts are.

How can you tell a good science journal?

Oh, and if you want to satiate your need for where I got the headline …

Small-minded simplifications suck

Over at facebook, I responded to a comment made by some “friend” who went to my high school. She wrote:

“I guess it’s easier to mention that 40% of Americans paid no income tax last year (though they paid sales taxes, property taxes, state taxes and made less than 19K / year) than it is to bring up the fact that Exxon Mobil didn’t pay a dime of Federal Income Tax on over 40 billion in profits.” -Greg from Memphis

My response was short. I said, “throat vomit”.

I can’t stand rich corporations.

Bloated-bellied, money-gorged, fat-laden jerky-mac-jerkheads.

Yeah, I said “jerky-mac-jerkheads.”

The issue of corporate CEOs and corporations making zillions of dollars is far worse to me than poor people getting a free pass on paying taxes. It’s far worse than drug addicts on welfare. Why? Because the lottery the CEO of Exxon Mobil won is no better than the lottery some poor bloke lost when he was born into poverty or a situation of misfortune.

Sure there are people who climb the ladder out of poverty, but the whole idea of people choosing welfare and leaching off the government is as idiotic as saying some dumbass who sits on a throne at Exxon Mobil deserves to be there because he worked sooooooo hard.

Really? Some CEO making zillions works harder than me? I call bullshit.

I’d much rather shell money out to someone who struggles to find his next meal, his next hit, his next snort, than some pig CEO sitting in an ivory tower splashing around in money and his own fat. The only problem is, the guy in the ivory tower sends me little envelopes or email notifications every month telling me how much money I owe him.

I know, I’m a fascist asshole that favors the underdog than fucking CEOs … and I am the CEO of my company. I understand the irony.

What’s paradoxical is that all us average folks point toward the poor as being a burden. “Gosh dagnabit!” we scream. “I can’t stand having all my hard-earned tax money go toward people on welfare. What with their little poor babies dying for a warm place to sleep and a good meal and all. Now I’m off to pay thousands of dollars in bills this month. Good thing rich CEOs aren’t a burden on my checkbook! Thanks wealthy people for blessing me with lots of debt at percentages I can’t afford! Thanks for augmenting your profit margins to percentages that I don’t understand.”

It seems that there’s a misallocation of who exactly is a burden. What costs more? Paying for the profit margin on my cell phone, gas bill, electricity bill and computer purchases or the cost of supporting poor people?

Poor people don’t offer you cell phones, “But they sure are cute when they’re crying,” says Bethany McDipwad.

So when some idiot who went to my high school responded to the facebook update above with,

“And we put these people in office…and have allowed this to happen…”

That shit really pisses me off.

First, what a nonsequitur.

Second, are politics the answer to the issue of corporations making zillions and poor people not paying taxes? What kind of small-minded asshole do you have to be to blame corporate greed and poverty on politics?

Let me offer a better oversimplification! The Majority RULES!

This is a Christian land where people like Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter say there are 85% believers in this country. And they claim that this country needs “in god we trust” on money and we need to be reminded of “Christian” values and prayer and all that. There’s an 85% chance that Christian values put ugly white CEOs in their positions.

They say, “Putting god on money is the answer. Putting prayer back in schools is the answer.” But if 85% of this country is believing now, how can anyone say these things are truly absent from culture?

Responsibility ain’t coming from the majority of religious now … because there isn’t a CEO in the world who’s going to choose the poverty Jesus over the one that approves of fat, diamond lined suits.

One of the most eye-opening conversations I  have ever had with a conservative is when they said that CEOs deserve the heaps of money they make. They shouldn’t have to equalize the vast margins created by CEOs making billions when their minions making pennies. Modern-day slavery is a bitch.

If this is your mindset, then you likely somehow approve of what’s going on in this video:

And what’s going on in that video really, really pisses me off. The same culture that thinks it’s okay to feed CEOs Porter House New York Steaks for breakfast lunch and dinner … thinks it’s okay to sexualize prepubescent girls and brag about it on the Internets … it makes it okay, because somehow this nation of 85% god-fearing people somehow approve of the worst behaviors on earth … and that’s evidenced by the filth on television, on the web and in our magazines.

You can point at Muslim women wearing burkas, say how depraved and small minded they are, and they have every right to point back at you on your hands and knees before the ideal of a certain perception of youthful sexuality. They have every right to say how ridiculous we look smearing lipstick on ten-year olds and stitching them up in lace and ribbon letting them prance around like a burlesque dance on crack.

It seems to me that if there’s a problem, it’s the majority who are to blame. Whoever’s leading the way right now, you’re really douching it up.