Highlights in the History of a ‘Christian Nation’

From that crappy old digital rag, Huffington Post, Kenneth Davis writes:

In a recent Fox News colloquy, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin explained America’s religious traditions to Bill O’Reilly. Discussing the recent National Day of Prayer, both underscored their belief that America is a “Christian nation,” founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and the Ten Commandments. Speaking of the Founders and the nation’s founding documents, Palin told O’Reilly, “They’re quite clear — that we would create law based on the God of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.”

But a review of the path blazed by Christians in both the colonial era and the nation’s early life is not so tidy. Christianity, as we know, arrived in the New World with Christopher Columbus, who crucified natives who failed to produce enough gold in rows of thirteen — one for Jesus and each of the disciples. The Spanish conquistadors also introduced the “Requerimiento,” which demanded conversion to Christianity and threatened slavery and death to those who did not. (The Indian converts were enslaved and killed anyway.)

Here are a few more of the highlights of the path blazed by Christians that take a bit of the luster off the myth of America as a “Christian nation.” Most of them probably weren’t in your textbook.

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For the record, Jesus was capitalist “blue-collar rightwing extremist radical”

That’s what this guy says here, so it must be true:

What Joe said:

According to World Net Daily’s Molotov Mitchell, Jeebus wasn’t the “sissy metrosexual” depicted in religious paintings. No, he was a man’s man, baby, a regular He-Man with a sword! In fact, Jeebus was a “blue-collar rightwing extremist radical” and fervent capitalist who fought against big government and taxes. Why, if he were alive today, right now he’d be holed up with his fellow militiamen, ready for war against the godless Obama!

Just wait a second before you go out and spread this video around, oh dearest Christian readers. This is just how crazywack Mitchell is … he propagates messages that Obama isn’t a legitimate American. So we know he must be right in the head.

Frankly, the crazy had me at WND.com. That shit is just nuts.

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The Streets — Alleged Legend

From the lyrics:

Do what you think’s right, and you will feel alright
‘Cuz when you’re bad you will feel sad
That’s the religion I live by

There’s a bloke in the book who made everything
He knows every individual and every trick in them
Way above emotion, never getting stressed
But when men choose against him, gets jealous
People fight for him in crippling wars
But since he has the power of infinite awe
We’re merely itching on futilities floor
Should we really be needing to assist him at all?
If he loves us all, knowing all we think
Should he only like people with faith in him?
Given I can’t control what I truly believe,
Can I be forgiven for only believing who I see?