Tina asks, “How can you bring that into your life … into your house?”

I stepped into Glock’s house this morning and saw that he had a post about Glenn Beck. I made a note to get back over to watch the clips.

Since I love a few people who think he’s the bee’s knees, I feel it’s necessary to expose myself to him.

Here I am in bed, next to my lovely wife, and I watched the clip that Glock posted. If it weren’t for me, Tina would never see anything from Glenn Beck. To Tina, Beck is the equivalent of nails screeching down a chalk board. To me, he’s an opportunist, hackneyed confidence artist who — as he walks down the street — shits a steady trail of feces which is followed a huge blind-folded audience feeding on the dung as if it were the best tasting chocolate pudding known to humanity.

Anyway, I have to send you over to Glock’s house to watch this hilarious bit by Stephen Colbert followed by a three minute and thirty-seven second too long clip from Glenn Beck himself. I can’t post these kinds of videos here at Le Café. But I’m not complaining, it gives me a chance to expose you to some of my friends.

The clip in question shows Beck saying that he has received a message from god himself … and we all know what happens when an ignorant Mormon receives a direct message from god … it turns out to be the biggest ruse, well, since all those other religious ruses.

Click here to view. Bon appétit.

Now I have to go see if I can calm Tina down. Her blood pressure is through the roof.

Things to read

While I’m working, I experience quite a bit of downtime while I let video render. It’s what affords me some of my blogging time. That and I try and blog ahead. I sit down for an hour on a weekend, and get 5 to 10 posts scheduled to appear throughout the week. I see this blog as a place to highlight some of the things provoke me or thrill me. Were we to live in the same house, I’d probably show these things to you constantly. Or you could imagine that they would be the topics of discussion throughout any given day.

Anyway, I wanted to throw these things out there, as they aren’t necessarily timely but they are things that you might enjoy looking through.

Birth mothers

Over the weekend, I spoke to my birth mom, Maria. We go for eons without talking, and then she’ll call out of the blue.

She lives near Branson, MO, and works in a kitchen for one of the dinner shows they have there.

She delivered the news that my little half brother Mark is expecting his first child with his wife. Of course they weren’t trying. He called her up recently and said, “Hey mom, you’re never going to believe this … you’re going to be a grandmother.”

It was nice catching up with her. I felt a little sour about hearing that Mark will make her a grandmother before I will. Whatever. It’s like the story of Jacob and Esau, but not really.

She told me a story about how she blew up at a coworker this weekend. She described him as fat and that he often disappears for long periods of time. She said she had enough, and flipped out on him. “I used the ‘F’ word several times. I feel so bad … I mean what would Jesus do and all.”

I tried to ease her mind, but she lives in her own world.

She also told me that she left work one night to find that her car windows had been bashed in. She’s been driving around in a little Volkswagon Bug that she inherited from her mother. Now it’s got plastic flapping in the wind and there appears to be a plant growing in the rear floor board because of all the moisture.

The other thing that was interesting about the conversation is how I can hear the timbre in her voice that I get my voice from. I have to hear myself talk on recordings quite a bit. And you can hear a definitive similarity in our voices.

When was the last time you heard from your birth mother? What do you have in common with her?