Damn, this day is a roller coaster

First Jon the big white ogre said atheists were assholes … then I thought cartoonists were assholes … and now I’m full circle.

Who are the assholes here? I wanna know!

The cartoonist Molly Norris put out a statement today saying she wasn’t the originator of the May 20, “Be an asshole day”.

Here’s the statement (on a real Stickie Note™):

Oh well. Someone here needs some great PR. Apparently everyone is afraid to get behind the “Draw Muhammad” movement.

Someone’s gotta stand up and do it.

Won’t you?

Insert pouty face.

Phew … Asshole Day is organized by a Cartoonist Asshole … not an Atheist …

It looks like May 20 isn’t Atheist Asshole Day after all. The day is organized by a seattle-based cartoonist named Molly Norris. Who knows what belief direction old Norris leans toward. Go check out this artitcle here. She drew the flyer posted above.

Blaming atheists is barking up the wrong tree. Gosh, put it this way and we atheists are opportunists riding shotgun on someone else’s coat tails.

No body gets a free pass to be violent nuts. People need to marginalize and eviscerate irrationality. That means Christians who believe that murder is an abolition shouldn’t be validated when they kill an abortionist.

Jon the Ogre made a good point. We should point at the governments who rile the bees’ nests, too. Tsk tsk, America, for making Islam an enemy.

Ending Deity Specific Prayer

It’s amazing that the FOX “reporters” can’t understand that it’s not a big deal to abandon religiously specific prayers.

Even when I was a Christian, I remember being in public when prayers were made and being completely cool with it. It’s been YEARS, Christians. Get your heads out of your asses.

Big White Ogre: Tomorrow is Atheist Asshole Day … did you get your favorite Atheist an Asshole Card yet?

Jon (aka Big White Ogre) from a blog called Evangelical Agnosticism piped up on this post about Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta’s post about supporting the drawing of Muhammad.

Jon says that, while he supports Mehta most of the time, pissing off “peaceful” Muslims is where he draws the line.

He says,

My point is the vast majority of the Muslim world is peaceful and in fact protested peacefully, which they likewise have every right to do. Because these protest [sic] resulted in a few isolated clashes, which is almost inevitable in crowds like this, especially when one religious group is confronted by another hostile religious group, the atheist world has decided to punish the entire Muslim world by being obnoxious.

I went over to Jon’s web site where his first post (currently) talks about Hemant and how wrong he is on the topic of sticking his finger into the eyesockets of Muslims.  His headline says that tomorrow (May 20) is “Atheist A-hole Day” (a day in which he doesn’t specify what exactly he’s fucking talking about, but we’re lead to believe that it’s a day when Atheists are going to be “A-holes”.)

First of all, atheist assholes? I knew we were “Douchy Cunts” but assholes? It’s as if the setting for white noise most Christians use on their iPhones is Richard Dawkins waxing poetic about Christianity. Or in this case, Jon calls us “obnoxious.” Have you seen Edward Current? Have you not watched an episode of Mr. Deity? And Thunderf00t … he’s a guy I’d want to get a beer with, fo shay. We put the noxious in obnoxious. Friendly Atheist is our sole gentle-light paving the way for all us assholes to become or even remotely perceived as legitimate.

Secondly, who the hell cares? Big White Ogre’s criticism is the only reason I know tomorrow is Atheist Asshole™ day. (Thanks?).

Tertiarily, why are atheists the only assholes here? You can’t tell me there are no other groups who can’t stand that Islam has cornered the babies versus free speech market. Really?

I mean, all we’ve got are groups who have come together with some pastel colored chalk to draw stick figures on college campuses in protest against Islamic disgust for drawing Muhammad. How asinine is that? Jon’s all uptight about us being assholes. I’m all uptight about how stupid it looks to draw a stick figure and then label it “Muhammad”. Surely we are more clever.

Big White Ogre has his little pink panties all bunched up over a bunch of juvenile, somewhat organized non-believers, and he’s feeding into our trap, because it does no good to speak out unless someone speaks out against you.

Besides, whatever world Jon-y Appleseed lives in, elderly people get really pissed off about porn.

So thanks, Jon. We like all the apples you’re gathering for us.

To the rest of you, don’t forget to get those Atheist A-hole™ cards out today. They might in your favorite asshole atheists’ mailboxes by Friday. One day late isn’t too bad.