Scarlett Hanna talks about growing-up in Scientology on Lateline

Here’s the description from the YouTube page:

Scarlett Hanna is the daughter of Australia’s head of Scientology, Vicki Dunstan. An interesting trend here as the son of the founder (L. Ron Hubbard) of scientology, Ron DeWolfe (changed his name!), as well as the brother and niece of the current international leader (David Miscavige) have also all escaped and denounced the cult.

What’s the difference between this story and every story of every religious person on earth? Parents raise their kids in their faith, and kids don’t know to question it. If kids are taught that something is “good” they will take that to their kids when they eventually have them.

Yes, yes, other faiths don’t treat children like they described in this video, but the psychology of religions seem to be universal; teach ’em young and they’ll carry it through their lives.

Waiting to buy a DSLR? The wait is over.

I’ve been following Canon’s line of DSLRs that shoot both video and stills for some time. Friends and family are constantly asking me, “What camera should I buy?”

If you asked me today, I’d say, “The Canon T2i.” I wouldn’t hesitate.

Here’s an excellent review from an excellent resource for all things geek, Gizmodo. There’s photos and video examples. It’s a damn fine camera, and I think I want one.

The final consensus according to the review:

The T2i is the ideal first DSLR. The simple controls shouldn’t intimidate you for long, plus it can hold your hand a decent bit of the way, thanks to clever innovations like the Creative Auto Mode.

But the T2i may also be the ideal last DSLR, as it offers most of the performance of a camera that’s twice the price, albeit in a slightly more pedestrian body. If I were a filmmaker choosing between a single 7D or dual T2is for multi-angle shoots? The choice would be pretty obvious. And if I were a random guy just looking for my first DSLR to dabble in photography and video? The choice would be pretty obvious there, too.

Thursday reading list

You should read the following articles or blogs today. After doing so, you will receive 65,000 points. Just think how good that trophy is going to look on your mantle.

I didn’t know you had a mantle.

PZ Myers talks about the “worst job in the world.” Can you guess what it is? Priesthood? You got it! Read here.

Read an interview with Gale Tattersal, director of photography of the finale episode of “House” which was shot on the same camera I shoot my stills and video on. I love the 5D Mark II

How to make a real shooting star with Ethan Siegel.

Conspiracy-loving ‘mericans are accusing hot Lebanese-American Rima Fakih of being Hezbollah in disguise. Story here: Yawn. Oh, wait till you see photos. Besides, how many sex jokes can one tell using the name “Rima Fakih.” Let me count the ways.

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta explains (again) why he supports “Draw Muhammad Day” then posts dozen or more pictures people drew. Read here. Did you hear that? He screamed, “Take that Big White Ogre!”

Tune in tomorrow when I show pictures of Mehta and all his readers with black eyes and smiles.