The Sasquatch lives, and he works out at my gym

We marked Memorial Day Weekend Eve with a couple of movies, some relaxation, a little bit of cooking, cleaning the house, some workouts and some butt chafing.

What did you do?

I heard through the old grapevine that my sister in law (SiL) and her daughter (my niece) ran in some races this weekend.

My niece — who’s 9 going on awesome — has been studying measurements at school. Her teacher had the brilliant idea to have her students train for a mile race. Over the course of a month or so, the class has run over 40 miles (in total) in preparation for this past weekend.

My SiL ran a 5K in a race that was connected to the one my niece ran.

Should Tina and I live near my brother and SiL, I have a feeling SiL and I would be running buddies. We don’t even live near each other and I feel the need to keep up with her.

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