Anti-Vax rally in Chicago today

There’s an anti-vaxxers rally in Chicago today, and I’m going to head on down to get some photos and maybe some video.

A group from Skepchick will be on site flyering information. I’m hoping to lend a hand if I can hold two cameras and flyers at the same time.

I mean, Andrew Wakefield — the recently de-licensed fraud — will be there giving a talk. How can I miss this clusterfuck of great photo opportunity?

If you want to meet me up or possibly lend your face and voice to a video segment I’d throw together, please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Vax rally in Chicago today

  1. I have to wonder now, how Wakefield can have any credibility at all when he’s been utterly destroyed scientifically.

    Seriously, he’s almost starting the Church of Anti-Vaccination.

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