Anti-Vaccination Rally — May 26, 2010

Many of you know that I dropped by the American Rally for Personal Rights yesterday. It was a rally demonizing the pharmaceutical industry, vaccinations and science for causing the illnesses like autism and a variety of other issues.

Let’s be sure about one thing: I’m not a parent. Although I can say I would be completely devastated if my wife and I had a child who was stricken with a disease or physiological affliction. If something were to happen to my child, I would want answers. We all want answers.

I went because I support science, and I want to expose information like this.

At the rally, I estimated under 200 people in attendance, including some news agencies and a documentary film crew. There was a small group of pro-science folks organized by Elyse at Skepchick blog and encouraged by PZ Myers and Orac (I’m sure there were more involved).

I want to be perfectly clear about how small “under 200” is. I have gone to some of the most esoteric events in Chicago, ones with far less funding than the anti-vax event had yesterday, and they were far more supported than this pathetic excuse for a rally. If something is popular enough to have a following, Chicago has never disappointed me with a small crowd … until yesterday.

In general, the crowd was a pleasant little group of parents and concerned citizens.

When you meet a so-called enemy face to face, you find out one thing, “These people could be my friends.”

Like I said in a previous post, I wanted to like these people. They all seemed kind and decent. They seemed to truly want justice and peace for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. And like all disputes, they think they have correct information, or at least more correct than the information that has been presented to them.

Everyone who spoke yesterday exhibited a general ignorance for science on a basic level. Yes, there was a doctor named Boyd Haley, Ph.D who spoke and showed somewhat more scientific knowledge than other people who took the stage. But he took the same stage as Michael Belkin (included in clip below), who said outright that they should be able to make ONE flu vaccine and be done with it. By taking the stage, Dr. Haley tacitly agreed that evolution doesn’t happen.

This alone could have been the most appalling portion of the day, but it wasn’t.

There were many themes during yesterday’s rally. Many were told that their children were casualties of a type of war. They were told that the bigger picture requires some people to be pushed out of the gene pool. Many people think that the pharmaceutical industry is too greedy. Many think there is not enough research.

There was a teenager who stood up and made a speech explaining that his parents believed he had been diagnosed with autism because of vaccinations, and he had been cured because of alternative therapies. Throughout the speech, he kept repeating his parents believed this and his parents believed that. Parents often believe lots of things that they pass along to their children; it doesn’t make it true.

This group claims all it wants is the freedom to decide what’s best for their children. Parents, without any professional experience, should be able to recommend what happens to their children and what is put into their children’s bodies.

And despite having a de-licensed, known-fraud as a Jesus figure (Andrew Wakefield), they still hope to organize and augment membership to their little club of ignorance. Of course, we can agree that knowing your leader is a fraud doesn’t hurt the Mormon Church. It doesn’t hurt the Catholic church. It has maimed some protestant churches, I guess.

Ignorance is bliss?

In fact, when Wakefield took to the stage, the crowd leapt to their feet, clapping and cheering. The critics were right, Wakefield has been martyred, canonized and deified. Frankly — and you can see from the clip — he’s kind of a dick.

I want to go ahead and post these thoughts and a couple videos of the day that I uploaded to YouTube so that I can send it out to the science junkies who want to know about what happened yesterday. If you want to learn more about what these people are debating, I recommend watching this full episode of Frontline called “The Vaccination War.” There’s much more information out there that I’m sure will be helpfully posted in the comments.

This footage isn’t meant to be anything other than something for those who weren’t there to get a feeling of what it was like. I didn’t take the time to edit it too much. I did include the names of the speakers in lower thirds.

You can watch all of Andrew Wakefield’s speech here thanks to Bruce at Zenosarrow.

Here’s Michael Belkin showing his ignorance of simple science.

74 thoughts on “Anti-Vaccination Rally — May 26, 2010

  1. Thanks for going to the rally, and your even-handed report.

    Curt Linderman Sr. describes himself as “father of four, youngest son Kaden was vaccine injured at 20 months of age. Writer for Autism File Magazine (UK and U.S.) editor of and radio show host of Autism One Radio’s “Linderman Live!”

    Curt Linderman Sr’s view of the rally:

    The inaugural American Rally for Personal Rights was a huge success! Everyone involved, from Louise Kuo Habakus to the large number of volunteers that spent months on conference calls and logistics, worked tirelessly to ensure this success. Timed to coincide with the Autism One Conference being held at the Westin Ohare in Rosemont Illinois, The American Rally for Personal Rights was attended by over three hundred individuals and 300 + computers logged on and watched online……

    While some websites run by unscrupulous individuals decided to misinform the public with the low estimates of those attending the mid week rally, numbers were essentially where we had expected them to be and this is apparent when you consider that the Chicago officials would have been riled had we underestimated the number and significantly more had shown up for the event. With more than 300 logins for the web based rally, the number of those viewing via the web should be placed at over 1500 considering that I know of a number of rally parties springing up….worthy numbers for a first time event.

    Man. You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Wow, Liz, that’s pretty sad.

    In one of the photos I took of one of the groups, I counted about 45 people, and it was only about half of the group. I would say there were less people on the other side.

    I was being liberal with the estimate of under 200, because when Andrew Wakefield took the stage, the number seemed to increase. When I left, there seemed to be a few more people there when I arrived.

    As for the 1500 number mentioned above, that is some bullshit.

    Thanks again for passing along the information.

  3. You may be interested to know that Curt Linderman Sr. has this on his Facebook page. But, I’m not sure it is worthwhile to give him any attention 😉

    Today on Linderman LIVE! We’re going to continue the discussion from yesterday about the “infiltrator” to the Rally. I am encouraging call-ins to either reenforce what I have been saying or tell me I’m being too mean to these people. The show will be devoted to these morons today! We’re live at 11am EST 309 343 LIVE (5483) They are listening so lets show them how we feel about their tactics!

    1. Thanks for the information. I’ve never heard of Curt Linderman Sr. before.

      Is this an internet streamed broadcast?

      It’s funny that he says, “infiltrator”. As if there were only one.

      If you meet in public, you’re not infiltrated. You’re attended.

      The stupid, it burns.

  4. Liz introduced Curt Linderman Sr. upthread. Yes, I assume it’s streamed over the internet – you can search for Autism One Radio and you’ll get it.

    1. Unfortunately I wasn’t near my computer during the 11 a.m. eastern hour.

      Did you happen to listen?

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  6. Hi Jeremy, I’m just getting to your blog…. while I might be the butt of jokes here, I still have yet to have anyone on my program to defend vaccines. If you would be interested, I would sure love to have ya on. I’m not such a bad guy really. My show has changed however, I am now on Linderman Unleashed on And what I would love for a doctor (maybe…gasp… a pediatrician) that could handle their own with my questions. While my new show is taped (and therefore edited) I would be perfectly happy to have the interview taped on your end as well…of course, I know this won’t go anywhere because it’s far easier to consider us “conspiracy theorists” from afar as opposed to actually engaging in a debate…you can contact me at….or if any of your readers has a Dr. that has the balls….please, feel free to contact me. Have a great day!

    1. Another unanswered question now that we pegged you as a liar is … why did you posted above using a woman’s contact info?

      I know you’re rushing off in pain of being nailed … PROVEN … a beguiling, bumbling nobody, but it appears that you’re stealing identities.

      Who is:

      1. Seriously? Are you twelve? Leave my girlfriend/wife out of it?


        Just own up to stretching the truth and we’ll be square.

        I’ve got proof.

        You’re so neat when you’re angry.

      2. it has nothing to do with being twelve… it has to do with her getting the first idiotic response from you with the language…remember…when I came here rather civil and you responded like a twelve year old? Was that too long ago?

      3. Oh, that language has nothing to do with being twelve, but treating you like the ignorant person you’ve portrayed yourself to be. We all know that you talk to people who think they’re adults like that.

        I am unashamed about attacking you.

        You are hurting the world and hurting the image of what is intelligence.

        That much is certain.

        If you need me to push your stroller over to a proper library or computer terminal to do some homework, take that pacifier out of your mouth for a second and let me know.

  7. Yeah, um, you’re a little late to the party.

    Have you actually asked a doctor to come on your show? I assume you’re going to answer, yes. But you sound like a moron so I don’t doubt anyone’s decline.

    I’m hardly an expert worth contacting, but surely, if you had any validity in your case, someone would give you the time of day.

    I would go so far as to say the reason no one wants to “debate” you is because no one wants to give credence to your lame, unfounded ideas.

    And, to top it off, all signs point to your camp hurting the overall health of this country. The recent outbreaks of Whooping Cough (Whooping Fucking Cough!) in Oregon should scare the shit out of idiots like yourself.

    And yes, I’m calling you names. I’ll make no bones about it. You’re a fucking nutcase.

    You are hurting people, and you don’t have proof of anything resonate within the science community.

    I don’t see you as a Conspiracy Theorist. I see you as a brain dead jackass with serious issues as to the health and progress of humanity.

    So stop and cite some research if you want to be taken seriously.

    Otherwise, fuck off.

    If you come back with cut and pasted responses, bang away. Dr. Mercola links? Bring ’em.

    You’re pathetic.

  8. BTW…please respond to this email as opposed to the other…this is Curt Linderman Sr. and if you don’t know enough to come on the program…why write the article you moron???? You are the pathetic idiot. I have begged doctors to come on my program and the very reason they won’t do it is because they absolutely…100% know they have nothing to stand on. I sat in on the FDA/CDC meetings recently, regarding Dr. Paul Offits precious Rota Virus Vaccine…you know that one don’t you? Yeah, the one that your precious doc created and made millions off of, yeah the one that they had no idea contained PCV I & II???? please tell me you don’t even know who dr paul offit is, yet seem qualified, like the pathetic, know it all, moron ass that you are, to comment and write this tripe on your “blog” you fuck! PCV is a wasting disease found in pigs… (you see, they grow the rota virus for the vaccine on pig kidneys) and when the FDA found out that Glaxxo’s version of the vaccine had PCV I in their vaccine (the part that doesn’t actually cause death in piglets,) Dr. Julie Gerberding (you know her right? she used to head up the CDC and said that injecting mercury into children was perfectly safe…kinda like you… yet is now the president of Merck’s vaccine division)…well she immediately told the press to bring Glaxxo’s customers over to Merck vaccines…(dr offit’s vaccine) except fpr the fact that, as is par for the course, you fuckhead, they didn’t know what was in their vaccine either, and it turned out that there was PCV I and II! (II is the one that causes death in piglets…it’s a horrible way to go for the little fuckers too, though you probably could care less, right? well, back to the story…it turns out that after that, the CDC and the FDA held a little meeting to figure out just what the hell was going on…. in that meeting, I listened to doctors joking and generally having a fine time, then they decided they had no idea what would happen to these kids being injected with a deadly pig virus…BUT…that since they had already injected millions with the vaccine, they wouldn’t do anything about it and just go on with business as usual……that’s YOUR kinda science isn’t it you fucking douche bag???? THAT’s why doctors won’t debate me…they have no answer for shit just like this….and I have plenty more, so go fuck yourself you moron, know-nothing blogging jackass. my e mail is

    1. When you’re a little older, I’ll introduce you to some really cool new cutting-edge tools called “paragraph breaks”. They’re so cool they can make even the most troglodytical drivel seem like valid arguments.

    2. Hey Curt,

      Jude’s right. No one takes you seriously because you write like a lunatic.

      Besides, I wrote no cutting and pasting. We’ve all seen your script before. You deserve your delusion if none of the responses are effective enough for you.

      You’re a modern apocalyptic mad man. Everyone is avoiding you because you stink of rotten fish and you repeat the same crap as the guy on the last street corner.



    3. Perhaos if a doctor came on your show he could inform you that rotavirus vaccines are oral, not injections.

      Also, rtoavirus vaccines are not given to infant pigs. Since PCV doesn’t infect humans that would seem an important point, don’t you think?

      Even infant pigs are safe as it was pcv fragments, not whole viruses which were found.

      Perhaps your demonstrated ignorance as well as your profanity and arrogance influence why people won’t be on your podcast.

    4. Hey Linderman,
      I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Come closer….closer….ready?
      You know the reason why you want a doctor on your show? I bet it is because they have this thing called credibility and expertise. You wouldn’t want to interview me, or Jeremy- because we are loudmouth bloggers with no degree in medicine or the sciences. We get our information from Google U.

      Here is the irony though- you are just like us. You are an ignorant twat who combs homeopathic,naturopathic. and other woo sites in an effort to become an armchair expert. The way you look down on us with contempt and disdain? Yeah, that’s the way people who took the time and money to actually and properly educate themselves feel about you.

      I assume that clarifies things for you. You are most welcome.

      1. Man, I don’t feel sorry for you at all. You’re gone.

        It’s your family that I’m concerned about. They love you, man. They look up to you for leadership. They look up to you ask their role model.

        For their sake, stop being stubborn.

        You’re not acting civil anymore. It’s just weird.

      2. I’m glad Curt took the time to properly respond to my comments.
        I know that when I’m trying to convince people that I am more than just an ignorant angry troll, I like to call them a “punk bitch”.
        That usually convices everyone how learned I am…..

  9. Curt,

    Very insightful comment. A spittle-flecked rant is JUST the way to convince someone of your point of view.

  10. Isn’t it amazing that my first post on this pathetic, moronic blog was very nice (until I was attacked) and there was no mention of the idiot response from the owner of this blog? As far as the fragmented PCV virus found in the rotavirus vaccine: you brain washed idiots just can’t read! The FDA and the CDC said that they had no clue what the ramifications of this contamination might be, yet they stated that they were going to continue to administer the vaccine.
    This blog does a wonderful job of trying to explain the inculcation that takes place through the church and religious dogma, yet you’re brainwashed victims of the same type of dogma.Yes, doctors spend years and years being inculcated in pharma controlled med school where they learn countless hours, weeks and months of drug interactions, yet spend comparative minutes on nutrition.
    Doctors won’t come on my show because they can’t explain the fact that since vaccines have been increased, 54% of our children now have been stricken with chronic disease.
    Juvenile diabetes is up 6000%! in some countries, 10% of children have a significant food allergy! Just keep believing your pseudo science. Most don’t see the light until their children are personally affected so I hope that doesn’t happen to any of you and you keep on with your moronic bullshit thought processes.
    Back to the fragmented PCV, the SV40 virus found in the polio vaccine was thought to be no problem either. Unfortunately for us, doctors have now found out that the SV40 virus has attached itself to our DNA and is now inherited genetically (passed down to generations) so now we have this virus in us for the rest of our generations…PCV will end up being the same thing …AND THEY STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT WILL HAPPEN AS A RESULT!
    btw… since the scientists that you place your fervent beliefs in haven’t told you: children are dying at an unheard of rate by malignant brain tumors and over 40% of these tumors contain the SV40 virus that their parents and grandparents were subjected to and more than 40% of mesothelioma cases contain the virus as well.
    So for a group of morons that tend to spew their hatred of religious dogma, you’re all actually quite good and placing your uneducated faith in something that has been proven to be wrong on so many levels.
    I am not an arm chair scientist from Google U, I also believed in these vaccines as I sat at the doctors office with my walking, talking, healthy little boy. immediately after being administered 9 vaccines in 6 needles (which was the CDC approved protocol) he got a fever, exploding diarrhea that lasted four years with docs not knowing what to do (they just said….”well, that’s autism”) and he became incredibly ill with what was diagnosed as a “failure to thrive”. The mainstream docs just said: put him in an institution.
    It was diet, homeopathy and classically trained physicians that “get” it that have now recovered my son.
    So take your dogmatic religious fervor and shove it up your ass!

    1. You’re improving – that is, you’re half-way there. You need to make two presses of the “Enter” key to make a genuine paragraph break.

      You’ll find the “Enter” key right above the “Shift” key, to the right of the apostrophe key. To distinguish between right and left, I find it helpful to picture an imaginary piano in front of me; the higher notes are to the right, so the Enter key is one “higher” than the apostrophe key.

      On some keyboards, the Enter key is called the “Return” key. Don’t let this confuse you.

      Keep up the good work!

      1. wow Jude…maybe that’s your problem…. you seem to be more worried about keyboard strokes than you are about the state of our children’s health in this world… very sad indeed. Have a nice day! 🙂

      2. Very good! Your first coherent post on this blog! Factually incorrect in every possible way, but at least readable.

      3. as usual Steve, you, and other idiots like you, are the ones that don’t do their research. Where did you get your info stevie boy… are you watching too much FOX News?????? you devil you!!!!! I’ve got 8 years of research behind me! Does the fact that the two doctors that were in the BMC hearings with Dr. Wakefield sued the BMC and got their licences back have any credence with you at all? And did you know that since Dr. Wakefield is here in America now and has started his own court proceedings (suing the BMJ, the editor and Brian Deer) have anything to say for what’s going on? Of course not. YOU know everything since YOU get your info from the NYT…right?
        Oh yeah, the NYT also stated that Dr. Wakefield’s work hasn’t been replicated ( a must in “scientific” studies and hypotheses). Unfortunately theirs, and YOUR research, as a result, is flawed….because it’s been replicated over 5 times! But then that’s just little nuances of this subject…nothing to concern yourself with.
        We wouldn’t want you to have facts cloud your judgement or anything. Especially since I’m quite certain you’ve actually READ Dr. Wakefield’s original study in the Lancet…right?????
        Oh wait a minute…. then you would know that Dr. Wakefield’s study (and the findings were originally embraced by his hospital and the Lancet) didn’t actually prove a correlation between autism and the MMR. But you knew that right????? He simply stated in the study (which you read…right????) that he witnessed bowel issues in children with autism and that the vaccine strain of the Measles vaccine was found in these children. He also, simply stated that more research was warranted.
        The reason he was ridiculed was because…God forbid… some doctor should have the audacity to question the Holy Grail of the medical industrial complex and even perhaps want to help children.
        You’ll also notice…through your extensive research on the subject… that NONE of the parents of his original patients did anything but support Dr. Wakefield 100%. Those dumb foolish parents right??? That actually started to get some answers as to what was happening to their children! That’ll teach them…right?
        you are a M-O-R-O-N stevie boy…..

      4. Ease up, Curt.

        You’re not responding to the right branch of this thread. Steve responded below.

        I realize you’re passionate about it. I’m quite sure Steve wasn’t giving you the same juvenile response as, say, I did.

        Calm down. Breathe. And try to be sensible.

        We’re all ears with the research. I’m quite sure you’re loaded with it. Put some on the table. I’d like to review it.


      5. I think we’ve hit a nerve. Unfortunately, it’s connected to the area of the brain responsible for diarrhea of the mouth, the inability to think rationally, and the desire to purchase aluminum foil by the truckload.

    2. Your flatteries will clearly get you nothing but fun reactions.

      Dogma, dogma, dogma.

      While you’re saving the world, would you mind cleaning up after yourself when the carnage is too high to see over?

      You’re right, Curt. I don’t have a clue. Tell me everything we need to know.

      1. No problem Jeremy. I would be happy to. But first, please explain Typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis and malaria. I assume that the “carnage” that you are referring to is the massive influx of disease when parents stop vaccinating their children…right?

        How is it that these above mentioned diseases were virtually eradicated from the U.S. at the same time that measles was? And this was BEFORE the vaccine. These other diseases didn’t have a vaccine…except for Tb which isn’t used in the U.S. btw…

        It had nothing to do with the vaccine. Unfortunately, while these diseases are still virtually gone from the American landscape…those that we have vaccines for are still out there.

        Have you ever read a vaccine insert? Did you know that vaccines have the capability to shed the virus to others…could that be the answer???? answer away Jeremy. and please, try to be as smart as you can be. try to lose the BS and look at this issue with some semblance of intellect…okay?

      2. Hey Curt,

        Without citation, you have no argument. Your timeline is anachronistic.

        You ask a lot of questions, but you haven’t brought one thing to the table to back yourself up.

        While we’re all on the same page, your “facts” are questionable.

        Should I “read a book”. Because you’re not delivering the same information the rest of us have.

        And Curt, what’s funny is that you’re dredging the bottom of your own lake. Your reputation precedes you. Nobody gives a shit about your dumb ideas back up by no one other than the idiots in your camp.

        If you’re looking for a captive audience, I give another day and we’re all going to yawn and fall asleep.

        Bring something new, revealing, that hasn’t been disputed in full by science, and we’ll all sit here and take turns patting you on your fuzzy wuzzy widdle head.

        We’re about to stop feeding your Troll appetite … it was fun while it lasted.

    3. “Back to the fragmented PCV, the SV40 virus found in the polio vaccine was thought to be no problem either. Unfortunately for us, doctors have now found out that the SV40 virus has attached itself to our DNA and is now inherited genetically (passed down to generations) so now we have this virus in us for the rest of our generations…PCV will end up being the same thing …AND THEY STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT WILL HAPPEN AS A RESULT!’

      How will this happen exactly? First, they found PCV *fragments* not whole virus particles.

      Second, if you had done your homework, like contacting molecular biologists, perhaps you would know that people are constantly exposed to PCV. When people eat pork products, PCV is found in their feces. When people stop eating pork products, the PCV is no longer found.

      As to your claims that people don’t read, the fact is we do. We read not just your claims but from other sources as well. When you claim that “The FDA and the CDC said that they had no clue what the ramifications of this contamination might be, yet they stated that they were going to continue to administer the vaccine.” We all know that to be false. We know that the FDA and the CDC were aware that PCV doesn’t appear to infect humans. That humans don’t get porcine wasting disease.

      “Neither PCV1 nor PCV2 are known to infect or cause illness in humans, however PCV2 may cause illness in pigs”

      I emailed the self-named “National Vaccine Information Center” for their evidence behind the claim that PCV is fatal, specifically asking for information about how it is fatal to anyone other than infant pigs. No response. I guess the National Vaccine *Information* Center doesn’t have that information.

      I have to point out I find it amusing how you put “blog” in scare quotes and then promote your podcast as some sort of important show.

      1. that study that you posted was AFTER the meeting moron. and this was to placate parent’s concerns. God you people are idiots! My “blog” comment was regarding your issues with my writing…this is a blog, not an edited news site.

      2. Kindly grow a pair. We’ve all stopped calling you a moron.

        Stop doing it to us.

        Post something reliable and informative, or kindly find the door from which you entered.

        You’re really quite boring.

      3. I emailed the microbiologist the same day as the meeting. It was already known that PCV doesn’t cause disease in humans. But that’s a side point, isn’t it. You asserted:


        Debate when the FDA posted the information given. You are clearly either ignorant of the facts or you are ignoring them.

        Your use of “idiots” and “morons” is sad coming from someone who supposedly is a part of the disability community. There is nothing insulting about having low IQ. Having an average IQ and not using it, such as yourself, that is a shame.

        Rumor has it you were once a person who was reasonable. Wrong, but a conversation could be had. When did you decide you needed to rely on insults and profanity? All that does is show that you have no substance.

        Of course that’s just redundant, as your arguments show you have no substance.

      4. I guess when the profane language and insults started from your end, it was okay. I simply assumed that that’s the way you people rolled… The fact that you can believe the FDA that PCV is perfectly safe after they found it in the vaccines is your version of science and gospel rolled into one.
        Evidence that the FDA has a revolving door policy with the pharma industry is commonly known. To believe that Merck stated that their vaccine was perfectly safe and did not contain PCV, then found that it did in fact contaminate the vaccine should at least point to the fact that they really don’t know what they are doing and CYA is a common tactic within government orgs.
        I really am tired of this. There’s no convincing most people until it happens to them or their children.
        I won’t be commenting any more on this blog…. I have better things to do. I wish you all the best. Good luck with your religion…:)

      5. “I guess when the profane language and insults started from your end, it was okay. I simply assumed that that’s the way you people rolled… ”

        That would possibly pass if I’d never listened to any of your podcasts. The substitution for anger and profanity for substantive discussion in your trademark.

  11. “You’re a modern apocalyptic mad man.” yeah Jeremy…that’s right…I am. 1 in 54 boys in America have an autism diagnosis. 54% of children have a chronic illness or disease. Juvenile diabetes, early onset Alzheimers, childhood cancers, dangerous, life threatening allergies and more have YOUR scientists perplexed… what should I do, sit around and watch the medical industrial complex destroy everything????? you’re pathetic and sad. I actually hope you get to witness this tragedy yourself you moronic ass.

    1. Curt, you really haven’t done your homework have you? There is absolutely no correlation between autism and vaccines. Wakefield’s study was retracted and revealed to be a fraud.

      Also, part of the incident rate being higher is due to more frequent diagnosis. The accuracy of which is still in dispute among many medical professionals.

      Chronic illness, Alzheimers, cancer, and allergies are more related to the modern environment in which we live. They are not caused by the “medical industrial complex”.

      And to wish one of these illness on someone simply because they don’t buy into your nutbaggery? That’s just the cry of a desperate douchebag.

  12. Hey Curt,

    Now I know where you are coming from. You’re actually mentioned in the comments from after the Anti-Vax event above.

    Wow. I’m slow.

    So where’s your review of the event again where you explained that there were you explained that the event pulled in so many more people.

    You’re more than a deceitful quack. You’re a liar. That rally was so poorly populated. I’ve seen more people in a Big Boy’s at 3 a.m. than at that rally.

    You come here as someone who wants to gain our trust, but you lied about the event in question above.

    When are you going to tell us any kind of truth?

  13. there were about 300 people there. I was there the entire time. I stated that it was well attended. i.e. we weren’t expecting thousands… that really is something that you can’t qualify as a lie unless you happened to be at our planning meetings.

    1. Oh shit. So when it comes down to the proof of the “300” people you had in attendance, you scurry off?

      Holy shit. You are a scoundrel. A lying poor excuse for an activist. Own up.

      Here are two shots of the crowd, one from the back and one from the front, at its peek of attendance right around Wakefield’s poor excuse for a speech.

      Click to enlarge.

      Explain yourself and your lies. Own up to your deceit.

      This is awesome!

      1. actually Jeremy, the way that I counted the people was by the signs. You see, I made the signs, I made 600 signs and close to or more than half of them were in use during the rally. That’s how I got to that number. I still have those signs in my garage.

      2. Interesting. I counted the people by the amount of people who were there whom you can count in the pictures.

        Do you remember that there were several signs propped up in the grass without people holding them?

        Hmm, I do. I have pictures of them.

  14. Yeah, Curt, you can barely see the stage from ALL those people who were in attendance!

    Funny how Mr. Loudmouth, whom I asked to leave at a crappy time, gets all quiet.

    If you count the skeptics in the crowd, you might have had 55 people there.


  15. >>”children are dying at an unheard of rate by malignant brain tumors and over 40% of these tumors contain the SV40 virus that their parents and grandparents were subjected to and more than 40% of mesothelioma cases contain the virus as well”

    I’m calling bullshit, pardon the moronic language ironically directed at the bile-spewing idiot, but, since I found the relevant information on a government site that also has links to various other studies that further prove you’re full of shit, I’m going to say you’re just going to dismiss the evidence regardless of the validity.

    Since it is only people like you vomiting up this pseudo-scientific nonsense and not any actual reputable scientific study that I could find, I am going to go on assuming you are full of noxious hot air until such a time as you can calm the fuck down and communicate like the responsible adult you have yet to show yourself to be.

  16. call bullshit all you want…. and yes, I’m going to suggest a book but only because there’s too much too link to. I would really, with all seriousness, suggest you check it out. Perhaps you might learn that just because it’s “from the government” doesn’t make it gospel…you know, the government lies about a shit load of stuff… I’m just not brain dead enough to believe everything they say. So, here it is: The Virus and the Vaccine. you can get it at Amazon. Let me know what you think if you decide to try it out. I’m done here but NOT because you “called me out as a liar” or any of that other bullshit. You are all just pushing your government sponsored propaganda and I can’t compete…. you’re automatons…that simple. BTW..don’t forget to eat your GMos, aspartame and fluoride too. Be good little lemmings. buh bye….

    1. I’m very saddened by you, man. Seriously.

      And to think, There are children involved.

      It depresses me.

      Do you ever get the feeling you’re so far entrenched in your own efforts that you can’t back out?

      You’re like an alcoholic in denial.

      It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to renege.

      There are lives at stake, Curt.

      It’s time to rethink your position.

      1. The info you’re providing isn’t from reputable web sites.

        You’re posting anti-vax porn from dudes who don’t care about you, and nothing about your family.

        It’s not that you’re wrong. You’re a smart guy.

        Use that intelligence for something positive.

        I’m not joking with you.

      2. Jeremy, I appreciate your concern. I really do. And perhaps this has turned into a bit much, but trust the fact that I saw what happened to my child with my own eyes. I have witnessed it since , countless times as parents that have heard of me have called me, desperate for answers that their docs don;t have. This goes both ways… all I can say is that you please look into what I am saying as well.
        I was just like you. 8 years ago I would have screamed bloody murder and told someone like me that their children should be taken away for their ignorance. I am so sure of myself and my stance on this. I have spoken with countless researchers and doctors (to include docs that didn’t believe it themselves until it happened to their children).
        The doctor that administered the vaccines to our son and told me to institutionalize our son is now a member of the bio medical community and doesn’t vaccinate her own children because of what she witnessed as we set out to recover our son from the vaccine injury. She now works to recover other children stricken and is being successful.
        The U.S, Government has already conceded that vaccines cause autism with 83 different cases in Vaccine Court. It’s real Jeremy.
        I do appreciate your concern and I apologize for the past couple of days, but I ask you to do the same that you’re asking me. Just really look into the subject. Don’t trust the government. They are the same ones that tell us that Rumsfeld’s Aspartame is perfectly
        safe. They told us that fluoride is safe (an industrial waste) and they are telling us that GMOs are perfectly safe as well (even when 2/3 of the FDA scientists said that more studies should be done).
        Obama and Bush have both hired former Monsanto executive Micheal Taylor to push GMOs in the administration. Why is it so hard to believe that government is being disingenuous when it comes to vaccine safety?????

  17. Curt,

    I know that you are “in the know” so maybe you could tell us how Wakefield’s lawsuit against Deer and the BMJ is going in Texas. It’s very quiet there – Is he compelling them to testify to “the truth” yet? And how much money has he raised to finance this little, last, attempt to get himself some more publicity? (oops, I mean “clear himself”) I have the funny feeling that the amount of money he’s raised is pretty well in line with the supporters he had at the anti-vax rally which was the original topic of this post. That is, not much.

    1. Haven’t talked to him in a couple of weeks but I can tell you that brian deer is nervous as hell. I have the feeling that the powers that be over in the UK are going to throw him under the bus. That includes the one that was in charge at the London Times, Murdoch, who ran his story and btw, was on the board for Glaxxo in England (the maker of the MMRII)
      I do have some inside info as I am quite close with Wakefield and those funding him. I don’t think he’s worried at all… the BMJ and Deer are frightened though.

      1. Hi Curt Linderman! Haven’t seen you around in awhile. I thought we were friends but you’ve been awfully quiet lately considering your original obsessiveness. Nice to see you’re back!

      2. How do you know Deer is frightened? Have you been talking to him, or are you just inferring this on what others have told you? I’m more interested in what Wakefield is thinking – because you might just know something about that. When is the next court date?

  18. I haven’t been quiet at all Jamie…and I really don’t remember you so you’ll have to refresh my memory. I have been doing quite a bit of writing for my own site and Alex Jones and my radio program was picked up by Natural News so I actually have a much larger audience. I just haven’t done much of the blog comments because it’s counter productive to waste time with people that think if it says “.gov” at the end of the web address it’s gospel….no sense in it. They’ll see soon enough.

    They still think that vaccines can’t cause autism even when the government has settled cases in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (vaccine court). They just want to read the Tribune, the Times and watch Fox News and be led around like lemmings.

      1. For one thing Jamie, you flatter yourself by thinking that I give a shit about you. I don’t use fake names on comments. I’m quite proud of my stance. If you’ll notice, I used the word “infiltrator” because I didn’t know who the hell you were. Until this very minute, I had absolutely no idea that you were that woman in the picture with Wakefield. So do yourself a favor and get over it…how bout that. I have soooo moved on from that.
        Things are going well, we’re slowly getting the word out about vaccine damage and we will continue to do so, despite bloggers like yourself trying your damnedest to get in the way.
        The movement is strong, people are learning the truth and maybe you should do a bit of self reflection as well. Even if I had known who the hell you were, you were just a woman in a photo and a moronic blog, I have far bigger fish to fry. 🙂 Have a nice day and I wish you well!

      2. Just when I thought that you couldn’t get any lower.

        Name calling and non-cited ideas that amount to absolutely zilch.

      3. Well, I do like to document anyone who is personally harassing me and disseminating information about me like where I live and go to school along with threats to my well-being. It’s a basic security measure.

      4. Jamie,
        You would think that someone publishing your personal details would remember you, wouldn’t you?
        Someone here is lying- and given Curtis’ long history of being a pillar of decorum and rational thought- I think every rational person here is going to take his side on this. 😉

      5. Jamie, while I haven’t been nice to you, (which I don’t believe I should have to be), I have never used a bogus name or i.d. to give out personal information on someone. think about it, I have been giving my real name through every single post that you have put out there regarding you and I, why would I change for that? My thoughts about what I think about you is public knowledge.

        If you had any proof that I had threatened you by giving out personal information, I would think that you would have contacted me or had a lawyer contact me. I do not do that,
        I think personally, that you are a reprehensible human being without one shred of independent thought coursing through those under used brain synopses but otherwise, you’re really not of any use to me whatsoever.

        You and people like you will get what’s coming to you when the truth finally comes out about the vaccines and subsequent injuries to our children. You will be shunned for the idiocy that you’ve tried to put out there to the public.
        You are of no use to me. None of you are. You’re unthinking lemmings.

  19. I will look up the FB comments that you mentioned to see if perhaps I got your name from someone. that being the case…. either You have never been known to me, or you were such a big nothing that I totally forgot about you. 🙂

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