Let’s play make believe

I have to air out some dirty laundry. I know I’ve been referring to facebook “friends” quite a bit lately. They provide fodder for the blog … I guess that’s all they’re good for.

Yesterday, a woman I know “liked” a group called, “Allow God in School: To allow others to represent themselves through God in School.” You can join them if you like here.

This “friend” of mine — let’s call her Amy — liked the group, and thankfully, no one else liked it after her. Because I would have piped up.

Amy and I went to high school together. As most of you know, it was a very conservative Christian school in the south.

I deleted Amy once, but she must have thought it was an accident because she friended me again.

What boggles my mind is that there were certain aspects of education that my high school was pretty clear on. Public schools needed to separate church and state. It was mandated and obvious. Of course there were people who wanted god in public schools, but I remember specifically learning that it was necessary to keep them separate. Once a person learns the constitution, it seems perfectly clear that this would be a necessity.

Maybe she missed school that day. Maybe all the 2 million people who liked this group missed school the day they talked about the constitution. I don’t get it.

What’s great about the group is that they try and leave “god” ambiguous. They probably think they’re being smart by not mentioning the Christian god. But I’m quite sure that not one of these “Let God in School” likers would appreciate the god of the koran in their schools.

When I was reading over the list in their “about” page, they have three bullet points numbered 1, 2, 3. When I read number three, all I could read was, “Make believing in god a choice.” “Make believing” as in pretending or let’s make pretending or make believe god exists.

I thought I was so clever.

Videos show just how stupid everyone really is

Yesterday some dumbass on my facebook wall posted this video:

It’s about 2 years old by now. It’s from 2008.

Big whoop. It makes democrats look stupid, right? Right. It really does, I’m not joking.

How can the person who posted the video not say, “Hey, this video is old, but this woman doesn’t know what she’s talking about?”

And what about that section in the middle where the person who posted the video inserted a section of hand holding so we could all know what to do with the message of the video.

What’s even worse than all this democrat and republican stupidity is the responses at YouTube underneath the video. Think long and hard about your stance when you see what level of complete idiocy is “appreciated” on your team. Here’s the most “liked” response by the folks viewing that video:

“The chimpanzee got a chance to even talk?”

And the second most “liked” response:

“the fact that this stupid aunt jemima brain-dead libtard is actually interviewing a Shell executive is in itself quite hilarious……we need to run this socialist pig waters out of office along with her cohort nancy pelosi before they destroy our country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Seeing that it was just Memorial Day, think about how ridiculous it is that men and women paid with their lives the ability for people to openly say things like that, and be applauded for it.

I’m not saying that these people shouldn’t have the right to “speak their mind.” I’m saying you have the right to choose who you associate yourselves with.

That’s it.

Where are they now?

I bet you woke up this morning, and the first thought that popped into your mind was, “Where is Star Wars Kid?”

Remember that kid, right?

This one.

Well, here he is now!

Star Wars Kid, aka Ghyslain Raza, sued the kids who leaked the video to the internet, but ol’ Raza still gets raz’d now for the poor schmo’s famous video. He’s now 20 years old and seemingly doing fine.

But after eight years of laughs at his expense – and a few campaigns in his defense – Ghyslain is back. Now in his early 20s, he’s reemerged as the president of thePatrimoine Trois-Rivières, a conservation society that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of his hometown of Trois-Rivières.

I imagined Raza wakes up on a daily basis hoping this will be the day that he doesn’t get a little ball busting about his foray into wielding broomstick lightsabers.

There’s a moral to this lesson. Learn it well. And teach your kids, too. Teach ’em well.