4 thoughts on “And you wonder why I love NPR

  1. That was entirely awesome!

    The Carl Kassell iPhone app had me rolling. I remember when he was part of a contest that NPR was having where he would record personal greetings for your voicemail and/or answering machine. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have him record your personal greeting?

    1. I wanted to get Carl Kassell on my answer machine even back before I moved up here.

      He does the Wait Wait don’t tell me recordings here in Chicago, and I think they still offer the chance to win his voice on stuff.

      One of the great things about NPR in NC before I moved here, they seemed to air David Sedaris much more frequently because he was from NC. Or maybe that’s the way I remember it, but he got popular and couldn’t do much radio anymore because he was contracted to do books.

      1. Sedaris is one of my favorites. I remember him telling his Macy’s elf story on NPR and nearly having to stop the car I was almost in tears from laughing.

        I was once in a large book store and picked up “Me Talk Pretty One Day” and started reading through it. I was laughing so hard and trying not to be loudly rude at the same time that I thought I was going to pass out.

        His sister Amy is also brilliant. She was always made to be so unattractive on “Strangers with Candy” that the first time I saw her out of character I was dumbfounded. She’s actually a very pretty.

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