Black Hawks Rally

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do like a good photo op. I just got back from a rally downtown celebrating the Black Hawks Stanley Cup victory this week.

I wasn’t planning on going down there today, but once I saw the news reports, it looked like I shouldn’t miss it.

It was the kind of event that kids around 10 to 14 are going to look back and say, “I remember when my parents took me downtown Chicago to see the Hawks rally. What a great memory.”

It was piping hot, and people were drunky blitzed out of their minds. They were climbing up street poles and on top of bus stops. They were dancing and screaming things at each other.

I wasn’t really sure why they were saying “Detroit sucks!”

There were a couple, “Oh you just watched the last game!”

Which made me think that the guys who screamed that only watched the last couple games.

I’ll upload some photos later. I need to knock out some work and watch the France World Cup game that I recorded. I didn’t record the Mexico vs. South Africa game this morning.