Photo shootin’

Today I went to a luncheon with a client. It was about social media, and how you should use it. So use it!

Afterwards, I had a quick shoot of a showroom space. The owner and the manager of the space had popped open a bottle of wine and were eating cheese and salami. This is beside the point. I really don’t think you need to know this except to understand that when you own your own space, you can do whatever the hell you want.

To take the photo of the showroom, I had lit the shot, but then I opened the shutter for about 10 to 15 seconds and walked around the space popping off a flash highlighting what needed to be highlighted.

I don’t recommend this all the time, but man, it’s a great way to get by with only a few lights. In a pinch, it’s a winner.

I’ll post some shots later.

I know you were worried about my whereabouts so I wanted to give you an update. If you didn’t catch the events over the weekend, I encourage you to go back a few posts to see what happened.

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