iOrdered iPhone

My phone has been in disarray for some time, and I’ve been patiently waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out so I can order one.

The wi-fi doesn’t work, which basically renders it no better than any phone. Having wi-fi makes the phone hum, especially for common tasks like email and internet browsing, but also for sharing files and controlling our condo’s sound system. The wi-fi glitched out about 4 months ago. I took it to Apple, but they said, “You have to buy a new phone. It’s not worth fixing.” I decided that I would wait to buy a new phone seeing that a new one was scheduled to be announced soon.

There are a bunch of other issues. I’ve actually talked other people out of buying a phone like mine, because of the issues it has. The battery life sucks. The wi-fi issue is a known problem.

I’m hoping that I can get more use out of the camera and video camera than the average bear. I’ve been putting off buying a point and shoot camera as well as a little Flip for some time. Perhaps the new iPhone with its HD video recordings and 5 megapixel photos with flash will satiate the need for buying those two devices separately.

All in all, it’s a luxury buy that I think I can justify.

What’s something luxury that you’ve bought lately that you kind of felt guilty about? A friend of mine recently returned a Canon T2i and bought a 3d Television. I almost smacked him in the face.

I will determine whether or not your guilty purchase is worth a smack in the face or not.

Governor Quinn

I forgot to tell you. Yesterday I shook hands with Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn. He was at the luncheon I attended for the City Club of Chicago.

After he shook my hand, I licked my knuckles, squealed like a school girl and fainted into my seat. I woke up to bikini-clad models fanning me with large feathers, feeding me grapes and dabbing my sweaty forehead with a damp cloth.


Photo from yesterday

Remember yesterday when I was taking a photo in which I opened the shutter for a long time and walked around with a flash highlighting areas I wanted to highlight?

I don’t recommend taking shots this way, but in a pinch (and on a budget), it can work out. The emphasis of this shot is that the showroom features a conference area in plain view of the front door. I had no say over the placement of the tags and furniture throughout the store. I took the photo as the showroom was at the time.

Prayers for Paraguay

Last night, I watched the Italy vs. Paraguay game that I missed during the day. I’m not going to be able to watch many of the World Cup Games real time.

There was a point after Italy scored its game-tying goal that the cameras fixed on a fan who I thought was praying to the heavens for Paraguay. I could be mistaken. This person could have been Italian too. But let’s go with Paraguay. The camera stayed on this person for what seemed like a long time.

Many discussions, blogs and articles have circled around the inanity of praying for one’s team. I don’t think it would be useful for me to talk about it again here in detail.

Between the superstitions on the field when people do the sign of the cross and other religious actions, I wonder what the rest of the world thinks. Paraguay will probably not go far in the World Cup, but that won’t change the minds of its religious citizens who go so far as to pray for victory.

Sports and religiosity has to be one of the most conceited behaviors that you hear about or experience on a regular basis.

When will it ever stop?

Schmorty days and schmorty nights

And you thought Jesus was special for fasting for forty days and forty nights. This Indian guy did it for hundreds … if not zillions of years.

Wait, what?

There’s something amiss with this story:

Study on Yogi Prahlad Jani’s Fasting Miracles Concludes

After 15 days of investigation, India’s Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences concluded its study of 82-year-old yogi Prahlad Jani on Thursday, May 6.

Jani, who claims to have lived without food or water since his childhood, was under the close watch of three video cameras 24 hours a day. Researchers conducted various medical tests on him. The research team, consisting of 35 scientists, could not find any evidence that Jani ate or drank anything during the 15 days.

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