Governor Quinn

I forgot to tell you. Yesterday I shook hands with Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn. He was at the luncheon I attended for the City Club of Chicago.

After he shook my hand, I licked my knuckles, squealed like a school girl and fainted into my seat. I woke up to bikini-clad models fanning me with large feathers, feeding me grapes and dabbing my sweaty forehead with a damp cloth.


4 thoughts on “Governor Quinn

  1. Did they ask for political favors, run you up billions in debt and then convince you to sell your soul and defend Blagojevich’s integrity and still have the balls to go out in public again?

    Or am I just bitter?

    1. P.S. I don’t like Brady. But if Illinois votes for Blago Chavez’s running mate and tacitly condone the Chicago Tammany hall yet again after voting for Blago after knowing full well the bastard would stoop to using his kids’ birthday parties to accept bribes… well…

      They are getting the government they deserve and the rest of us should move.

      And why… why… WHY do people who have the option of voting against Daley still elect his corrupt ass?


      ugh… I hate this state sometimes.

  2. I love watching Pat Quinn on Chicago Tonight when they ask him all the tough questions and he lummoxes his way through.

    I have to say, that, one, you should be blogging more, because once a month ain’t cutting it. The world needs you. I need to read what you write more, because I have got the worst case of the ignorance when it comes to Illinois state politics.

    Do you know that one of my biggest clients is basically the Kennedy family?

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