iOrdered iPhone

My phone has been in disarray for some time, and I’ve been patiently waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out so I can order one.

The wi-fi doesn’t work, which basically renders it no better than any phone. Having wi-fi makes the phone hum, especially for common tasks like email and internet browsing, but also for sharing files and controlling our condo’s sound system. The wi-fi glitched out about 4 months ago. I took it to Apple, but they said, “You have to buy a new phone. It’s not worth fixing.” I decided that I would wait to buy a new phone seeing that a new one was scheduled to be announced soon.

There are a bunch of other issues. I’ve actually talked other people out of buying a phone like mine, because of the issues it has. The battery life sucks. The wi-fi issue is a known problem.

I’m hoping that I can get more use out of the camera and video camera than the average bear. I’ve been putting off buying a point and shoot camera as well as a little Flip for some time. Perhaps the new iPhone with its HD video recordings and 5 megapixel photos with flash will satiate the need for buying those two devices separately.

All in all, it’s a luxury buy that I think I can justify.

What’s something luxury that you’ve bought lately that you kind of felt guilty about? A friend of mine recently returned a Canon T2i and bought a 3d Television. I almost smacked him in the face.

I will determine whether or not your guilty purchase is worth a smack in the face or not.

8 thoughts on “iOrdered iPhone

  1. I bought a blu-ray player, and, so far, one blu-ray disc to watch on it.

    That was about three weeks ago, and I’ve been so busy with rehearsals and stuff that I haven’t actually watched the disc yet. 😀

    1. I have one (maybe two) up on you. I have a blu-ray player and three disks … the Bourne Trilogy. I’ve been sitting on that purchase for a while now. I try to keep abreast of technology for my business, but it’s difficult. I am not sure blu-ray is here to stay.

      What are you rehearsaling for?

      1. I have a concert this Saturday – Scottish songs arranged by Haydn and Beethoven. Be there or be a rectangular thynge!

      2. What’s Scottish for “break a leg” or does that inspire you to literally break legs and scream incoherently afterwards?

      3. Instead of “Break a leg” it’s traditional to holler “Och, wull ye no take a keek whar ye’re gaun, ya daft wee scunner?” while waving a bottle of Single Malt Scotch.

  2. I got me an iPad – it’s my precious !!

    My iPhone 3G is now 20 months old and dying too, battery sucks big time and it’s slowed right down… Roll on 31st July when iphone4 comes out here in NL

    1. I can’t justify the iPad splurge yet. Although it’s as tempting as can be.

      I could spend that money on lots of other things though. I’d kind of rather buy a laptop to replace one of my older machines than iPad.

      I’ve got so many lovely toys I’m jonesing to buy.

  3. I’ve debated getting an iPad but still holding out.

    I’m jealous of the new iPhone. I just picked mine up in November so I have to wait to get the discount unless I pay the higher price. Which is VERY tempting regardless.

    I’m looking at a nice Manfrotto tripod and maybe a MP-E 65mm to add to my collection. Likely on the tripod not so sure on the lens.

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