Schmorty days and schmorty nights

And you thought Jesus was special for fasting for forty days and forty nights. This Indian guy did it for hundreds … if not zillions of years.

Wait, what?

There’s something amiss with this story:

Study on Yogi Prahlad Jani’s Fasting Miracles Concludes

After 15 days of investigation, India’s Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences concluded its study of 82-year-old yogi Prahlad Jani on Thursday, May 6.

Jani, who claims to have lived without food or water since his childhood, was under the close watch of three video cameras 24 hours a day. Researchers conducted various medical tests on him. The research team, consisting of 35 scientists, could not find any evidence that Jani ate or drank anything during the 15 days.

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